How not to fall asleep at night?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
July 25, 2014
How not to fall asleep at night?

Someone does not sleep at night, so as not to miss the Champions League match, someone is waiting for a call from relatives from a foreign country on Skype, someone needs to write coursework or finish the work by morning. How not to fall asleep at night? We offer some tips.

In order to feel good, you should have a good night’s sleep before sleepless night and eat only healthy food during the day.

Now, how to not fall asleep at night, what to do when it is already dark outside:

  1. Take a walk in the fresh air. To stimulate the body to sleepless nights, even 15 minutes is enough.
  2. After coming home, open the windows and turn on the light. Warm air and dim lighting tends to sleep.
  3. Drink more green tea. It has caffeine, but this drink is safer than coffee. Observe the dosage anyway and read the article on this topic.
  4. Do not drink a lot of energy drinks. They are quite harmful and not long awake. It is better to abandon them altogether.
  5. Do not drink alcohol. Energetics "give birth" to the body, and alcohol "suppresses". Therefore, alcoholic energy drinks are only harmful.
  6. Try not to eat anything.For a snack, enough black tiles. The digestive system will not be very busy, and you will stock up on energy.
  7. Play sports. It is not necessary to push the barbell, but push-ups or pull-ups on the street every half hour or hour will keep you in good shape.
  8. Communicate. At night, there are usually not as many interlocutors as in the daytime, but there are plenty of people on the Internet who want to talk.
  9. Wash with cold water. Wet the temples and wrists, neck. Drink ice water.
  10. Take a contrast shower. Temperature extremes invigorate very well.
  11. Turn on the music, better fast. Dance and sing along. Note that music will interfere with mental activity.

These tips will help you stay awake all night. Other recommendations on how to stay up all night and feel cheerful in the morning, how to be in good shape during the working day, read the article How not to fall asleep ?.

But do not be tempted by saving time - health is most important. You can sometimes experiment with multiphase sleep - for example, sleep 6 times a day for 20 minutes (every 4 hours). However, with frequent use, it is also harmful, so this method should not be abused.