How not to eat if you want?

Everybody knows the state when he starts to suck in the stomach, the stomach rumbles treacherously, and all the thoughts in his head revolve around the fried chicken and a piece of chocolate cake. The feeling of hunger is sometimes so strong that involuntarily there is a criminal desire to spit on a diet, go to the kitchen and take away the soul, having eaten enough of all goodies. In order not to make barbaric raids on the refrigerator, it is necessary to curb the feeling of hunger and learn how to control your appetite.

How to control your appetite

Speaking about how not to eat, if you want, you should say that absolutely no one is a person, of course, cannot, because the body needs nutrition, so for some time the feeling of hunger will surely remind us about food. But to learn how to control your appetite is fully within everyone who really wants it.

How to dull the feeling of hunger and eat less

  • In order not to experience constant feeling of hunger, try switching to a fractional diet. Eat small meals five or six times a day.
  • Try carefully and slowly chew each piece, and not swallow it whole. During the time spent on slow chewing, the brain will have time to receive a signal that the stomach is already saturated. Thus, you will eat much less food than usual.
  • Discard the supplement. If it seems to you that, having eaten one portion, you are still hungry, in no case do not add food to your plate. Get up from the table and do some work. The feeling of satiety will come in about a quarter of an hour.
  • Try to fool the brain - buy yourself baby dishes and eat only from it. A modest portion in a small plate will seem quite impressive to you.
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy seasonings, as they greatly stimulate the appetite, and you absolutely do not need it.
  • Fill your refrigerator with exceptionally healthy food: fruits, dairy products, vegetables, lean meat and fish. If the house does not have chips or ice cream, it will be easier to give them up.
  • Never eat in front of the TV - if you are fascinated by watching your favorite TV series, you may lose control of yourself and you will not notice how to eat five or six sandwiches with sausage and butter.

If you, even following all these recommendations, still experience acute hunger attacks from time to time, try the following tips.

What to do if you want to eat, but you can not

  • Feeling hungry at an inopportune time, first of all drink a glass of mineral water, preferably non-carbonated. Filling the stomach, water at the time will create a false sense of satiety, which will help you to wait for a scheduled lunch or dinner.
  • If you still want to eat, do light exercise: jump a little, do a few squats and bends, or go for a walk. Exercise will distract you from thinking about food.
  • If possible, take a bath. Hot water has a relaxing effect on the body, thereby dulling the feeling of hunger.
  • Try doing some household chores, such as cleaning or knitting. Your thoughts will flow in a different direction, and busy hands will no longer reach for a bowl of candy.
  • If nothing helps and you still really want to eat, give yourself a little indulgence and have a small snack. For these purposes, you need to have a green apple or a peeled raw carrot, which you can crunch in between breakfast and lunch.