How much money to take to Egypt?

Olga Voronkova
Olga Voronkova
January 15, 2013
How much money to take to Egypt?

A trip to Egypt is a great opportunity to break out of the usual atmosphere of dull everyday life and enjoy the southern climate. But when planning it for the first time, we usually do not know how much money to take to Egypt in order to fully enjoy the rest. Therefore, we will further try to calculate the approximate budget of such a trip for two people with average earnings.

First of all, we take into account the cost of a weekly tour to Egypt, which includes insurance, airfare, meals, hotel accommodation for five stars. The average amount of such vouchers will be about a thousand dollars. She paid the tour operator.

We now turn directly to the question of how much money to take to Egypt for organizing a holiday, which will include the purchase of souvenirs, excursions and, possibly, diving.

  • We immediately calculate the cost of travel, which will cost $ 30 for two.
  • Next, we will consider spending on small snacks, buying fruit at the market and a possible dinner in an Egyptian restaurant.If you can keep up with $ 10 for fruit and small snacks during excursions, then a full-fledged romantic dinner will cost you $ 25 for two. Total, $ 35 - for food.
  • The next item of expenditure will include excursions. Their route will depend on the city to which you decide to go. Calculate the cost of the most popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, because it is there that is the largest number of attractions that you want to visit. The most popular are the excursions to the ancient Christian monastery of St. Catherine, which includes the ascent to Mount Sinai ($ 90), a visit to the Colored Canyon ($ 100) and the famous national reserve Ras Mohammed ($ 80). You can also order a quad safari, which will cost $ 80. So, if you decide to participate in at least three events, it will cost you about $ 300.
  • Entertainment costs will be similar ($ 300). They include all sorts of marine activities - diving, catamaran rides, windsurfing and bananas. In this case, diving is the most expensive entertainment, because it costs $ 50 per hour. But if you are not professional divers, you will need an additional $ 500-600.
  • Buying souvenirs and tips on tips will be relatively small - about $ 80.

Total, having made simple calculations, we answer the question of how much money you need to go to Egypt: $ 745 (+ $ 500-600, in case you decide to go diving with an instructor).