How much is a plane?

Not so long ago, only selected people had a private jet. But in the last couple of years, the acquisition of own aircraft has become available for a wealthy person. And although many experts say that such waste will never pay for itself, there are more and more people who want to buy an airplane. Let's figure out how much the plane is, as well as its maintenance.

Why does a man need a plane

No airline in the world is able to provide the freedom of movement that gives a private jet. It seemed that the problem would be solved with the emergence of companies offering rental of various aircraft. But this did not happen. By itself, a flight on a private or leased plane exceeds the cost of an elite ticket to a passenger plane by only 20-40%. But at the same time, the owner of his own aircraft must pay not only the flight itself, as in the case of rent, but also its simple maintenance.

The answer about the reasons for such extravagance lies in the comments of the owners themselves on this issue.And while mobility and efficiency are rarely called as the main reasons. For someone, a private jet is a status thing. It helps materialize the results of work, profits, becomes a reason for pride. But for most, a plane is a passion. These people are “ill” with aviation, they like to keep track of their car, improve something in it, redo it and enjoy the result.

How much are airplanes and where are they buying

The most inexpensive aircraft, of course, can boast of domestic manufacturers. The Russian aircraft of the Yakovlev Design Bureau are quite in demand: the Yak-18T (four-seater), the Yak-52 (two-seater), the Yak-40 (ten-seater). Retired car, which can be repaired and used, really buy for $ 25,000. This is exactly what an overwhelming number of buyers of domestic models do, because the new aircraft will cost more than three times as much. But do not follow their example. Such planes are unsafe. And it is not only about wear, but also insufficient equipment. Domestic aircraft design industry is no longer engaged in the development of private aircraft and hopelessly lagged behind its foreign counterparts.

Modern aircraft are much more durable; they are not made from soft and light aluminum, but from special plastic, which is light and durable at the same time. The equipment of such machines includes the latest navigation systems, anti-icing systems. Some models boast autopilot. Many aircraft are equipped with a parachute rescue system. All this, domestic cars are deprived.

Of course, the cost of a foreign aircraft will be much higher, but these are reasonable costs. If you need to choose a suitable aircraft, explore the sites of companies specializing in the sale of various aircraft. Representative offices of companies Eurocopter, Bell, McDonnel-Douglas are opened in our country.

Relatively inexpensive Czech-made aircraft. Their purchase will cost you from 40,000 dollars. But such aircraft are only suitable for training and recreational flights, since they have a small carrying capacity and cannot be well filled.

Perfectly proven machines of American production Cessna and Cirrus. How much is a plane in these companies? Сеssna specializes in more budget models (from $ 100,000), but for Cirrus planes you will have to pay at least half a million dollars. All of the above aircraft belong to the piston.They can fly relatively short distances at an altitude of up to 5,000 m.

Another thing turboprop aircraft. They are much faster, more reliable and suitable for flying at an altitude of 5,000 meters. But such a miracle technique is not available to everyone. For the Swiss Pilatus aircraft or the French-German Socata will have to pay a minimum of 1.5 million dollars. The most economical option is self-assembly of the aircraft. Such aircraft are called whales. The name does not come from the type of animal, but from the kit - a set of "do it yourself". By collecting your own plane, you can reduce its cost by 3 times. People who are passionate about aviation do just that. Amateur pilots spend from several months to a year on the assembly of the aircraft.

Costs on earth and in the sky

It is clear that spending on the purchase of an aircraft will not be limited, but in fact will only begin. Unlike the car, it can not be placed in his garage, it is against the law. It is necessary to rent a hangar. This is a very expensive pleasure. In winter, it will cost about $ 400, and in summer - at $ 300. In order to reduce the cost of parking a bit, people become members of the aviation club. Thus, they slightly reduce the price for "parking",maintenance, and when using the aircraft for club purposes, the owner is paid a certain percentage for his rent.

To understand how much it costs to lift a car into the sky, proceed from the concept of “dirty” flight hour. This term refers to the cost of 60 minutes of flight, which includes the payment of services of the airfield, crew, fuel, rental of corridors. The cost of a “dirty” flight hour for different companies ranges from 3,000 to 9,000 dollars and depends primarily on the type of aircraft. For example, the flight Moscow-Paris-Moscow on a six-seater car will cost about $ 24,000, and on the Boeing Business Jet - $ 80,000.

As many assume, the purchase and, most importantly, the maintenance of a personal plane is a very expensive pleasure. Its cost can be slightly reduced by renting out your car, but the costs will still be high. Therefore, before buying a plane, take a good look at your solvency, and go ahead, for a dream!