How many people live?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 5, 2012
How many people live?

Representatives of science and adherents of various world religions have long argued about how many people live and can live. For example, the Bible tells us about a certain Mufusil, who was one of the forefathers of all mankind and lived on Earth for 969 years. Now the Guinness Book is the oldest man on Earth who calls the Japanese Kimuru Jiromona with his 115 years of life. Well known is only one reliable fact - women live much longer than the representatives of the stronger sex. So how much does an average person live?

Human lifespan

Since the Neanderthal period, archaeologists have been counting the duration of human life. Up to the Middle Ages, people did not live more than thirty years. Many deadly diseases, lack of basic hygiene and many other external factors prevented people from living for a long time.

Hygiene was the first step to prolonging life. The invention and the subsequent improvement of plumbing and sanitation led to the fact that people began to live on average for about 40 years.Louis Pasteur, who discovered the principle of vaccination in 1881, increased a person’s life by a few more years. At that time, people often lived to the age of 46-48 years. And the discovery by the Englishman A. Fleming in 1928 of the unique properties of penicillin gave people the opportunity to live up to 70 years. At about the same time, an entire branch of science was created - gerontology, which studies all aspects of human aging: social, biological, and psychological. In the modern world, in developed countries, life expectancy is about 74-75 years.

How many years have people lived in Russia?

At the time of Pushkin in Russia, a thirty-year-old woman was considered practically an old woman, and a man at fifty was a very old man. In the twentieth century, the Soviet health care system achieved great success, and this in view of the three wars and two revolutions. In the 30s, men in our country lived for 40 years, and women - 45. By the sixties, we reached the European level in this matter. Then there were the heavy seventies and nineties, but now the situation is recovering, albeit slowly. If we turn to statistics, now Russia is only at 129 place in the list with 66 years of average life expectancy.The weak sex lives on average 73 years, and the strong, unfortunately, much less - about 60.

What determines the duration of life?

As can be seen, in different historical epochs the life span of people changed significantly. How many people live depends on factors such as:

  • Genetics or heredity. If there were long-livers in the human race, he will most likely live a long time.
  • Ecological and economic factors. Compare at least developed countries with African countries. Even today in Swaziland, for example, people do not live longer than 32 years.
  • Lifestyle. It greatly affects the number of years we have lived. The more we take care of ourselves and loved ones, the longer we live!