What is the number of claws in a cat?

Cats are amazing creatures that delight their owners. And people have a lot of questions related to such animals. One of them is the number of claws on their paws. And how many of them really?

How many claws are considered normal?

So how many claws does a domestic cat have? Some believe that there are 20 of them, like nails in humans. But actually it is not. The number of claws corresponds to the number of so-called "fingers" on the cat's foot, that is, there are a total of 18. And on the front paws, there are five of them, and on the back - only 4.

Deviations from the norm

Can the number of claws be different? Yes, some breeds (such as the pixy-bean, that is, the short-tailed elf) are characterized by an anomaly like polydactyly, that is, multi-fingered. And in this case, the number of claws on the front paws can reach up to seven, and on the back - up to six. Moreover, the “extra”, that is, the extra fingers of the claw usually grow much faster and therefore require special attention and meticulous care.

Now you know a little more about cats.

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