How good to talk?

Every person would like to have the gift of eloquence so that their voice captures the attention of people, and thus they could move up the career ladder or easily get acquainted with the opposite sex. But their tightness prevents them from making their dreams a reality, and every day they ask themselves how to learn to speak well? And where to start first?

We work on voice

First you need to start with a voice. After all, there are different voices, and there are not two people on earth with the same voices. As a result of research, scientists have found that most people in conversations use low voices, which are perceived most positively. But if a man speaks with a loud bass or sweeping baritone, then they will begin to listen to him. While with the owner of squeaky voice is unlikely to happen. But holders of high voices should not be upset, because everything can be fixed. To do this, you should try to sing along to the singer (or singer) voice that you like. You need to sing along so as to reproduce all the voice features as much as possible. At the end of the month, you will boldly speak with the “voice of the one you were listening to.” Changes for the better will be so dramatic that everyone around will take notice.

Change the speech

In addition to voice, you will have to change the speech. After all, if there are a lot of parasitic words in it, and it is unrelated, then it will jar many people, and even a bright appearance will not save you. Therefore, setting yourself a goal to learn well, you should speak, to use such words as “well”, “it”, “in general”, “as if” “in fact” and others, as well as incoherent speech, long inappropriate pauses and try to get rid of them.

It is worth noting that almost all people grew up in a talking society, by their teens they try to speak normally in familiar situations. But stress shows our helplessness and weakness, and in an unusual situation the brain does not have time to find ready-made solutions in a short time, and a person cannot respond with ready-made phrases and sentences. In such situations, you should try to make new phrases and sentences, and the sooner you do this, the better. In this case, will help training, which can be natural and artificial.

  • Natural training is when a person, due to the nature of his hobbies, activity, or communication, has to talk a lot and often, as a result he has a huge vocabulary. Such a person speaks easily and naturally, and it is very difficult to introduce him into a speech stupor.
  • With artificial training, you should deliberately increase the time of your communication with interlocutors, but if there are none, even a TV set will do. You should try to imitate the speaker, speaking the same speech as he. Of course, this will not be obtained immediately, so you will learn to adapt to the style of the interlocutor, and this is the first thing that hypnotists teach. In addition, you can significantly replenish your vocabulary with censorship vocabulary.

Training should always always be held out loud, otherwise the sense will be minimal. After that, you should develop a smooth melodic speech with noticeable emotional changes and semantic pauses. Moreover, such a speech should be used everywhere and always, in any situation.


Asking how to learn well, to speak, you need to pay attention to your vocabulary, and books that need to be read in large numbers will help you replenish it.Firstly, you will learn how to state your own thoughts correctly and beautifully, and secondly, significantly tighten your grammar. In addition, classical works are an excellent topic for a small talk. If you don’t like to read much, you can learn a good vocabulary from movies. Just do not need to choose an American comedy, it is better to choose to watch something from the classics of world cinema. You should try to memorize unbanal phrases and sentences in order to insert them into the conversation, flashing your intellect. Only they must be inserted into place, otherwise it will look ripped out of the text, and instead of a positive reaction, you will be the subject of general ridicule. You should also not be too intrusive, because you will then be considered a bore and a know-it-all. For the development of eloquence, it would be nice to enroll in some debate club, where you can argue and have enough talk. This practice will only benefit, and soon you will have a clear beautiful speech.

Bug work

In order to speak well, we need not only practice, but also work on our mistakes.Naturally, your friends will not point them out themselves, because they will be uncomfortable. But you can control yourself, from time to time recording your speech on a dictaphone. During the audition, you will be able to identify shortcomings, and try to eliminate them.