How do dogs die?

Like a man, a dog is aging and dying. This is a difficult period for the owner, but it is necessary to reconcile. The main thing is not to make the animal suffer. Do not scoff, artificially supporting life with various drugs. But how do you know how dogs die? What are the signs, and what symptoms can say that the pet is not long?

Causes of death

The first is age. If the dog lives with you for quite a long time, you need to be prepared that the animal may die. The fact is that the life of a dog averages 14 years. But there are pets that can live to 17 and longer. It all depends on the breed of dog. Some, for example, pugs or English bulldogs, can rarely live up to 7 years.

But if the reason lies not in the old age of the dog, you need to think about what the animal can die from. It could be an injury that a pet received in a fight with another dog, or a congenital disease, a defect. Pray to be the cause of death and more serious diseases, such as cancer or an incurable infection.

Disturbing symptoms

  • If the dog is injured after an accident, he may leave to die outside the house.Dogs do not want to show the owner how bad they are. Only in this case, you can not notice the signs.
  • If your animal was quite active, but sharply refused to go for a walk or play, perhaps this is a reason to worry. You need to consult with a veterinarian, pass tests and undergo an ultrasound. When a dog is ill, it tries to hide in a remote, quiet and dark place. Constantly lying, whining. Maybe a few days do not get up.
  • The dog can also refuse to eat. If this happens and lasts more than 4-5 days, pay attention, since this is a clear symptom of a serious illness. It is cancer that is manifested in the dog's refusal to eat. Another sign of this disease is constant vomiting. It is necessary to contact the clinic, so that the animal is prescribed antiemetic pills. Sometimes it is necessary to put a dog to sleep because it is suffering. Periodic vomiting in a dog may indicate infection or poisoning. If the animal has no appetite for several days, vomiting is observed, it constantly lies and refuses to walk, perhaps someone has poisoned the dog. Also, poisoning appears in the abdominal distension of the animal, pain.If you stroke the pet's belly, and he whined or flinched, he is obviously worried about the pain. It is necessary to wash the body of the animal, enter the diet and vitamins.
  • An alarming symptom can be high fever. Dry and hot dog nose - the first signs. The dog is subject to the same diseases as man. Up to diabetes. This disease manifests itself in constant excessive drinking, trembling in the paws. Pet hard to sit or get up. Vision may deteriorate.

Question: how to understand that the dog is dying, disturbs many animal owners. The slightest change in behavior and habits, these are the main symptoms. Appearance may vary. In case of a viral infection, wool may dull and fall out. If time does not engage in the treatment of the dog, he may die.

Signs of death may be a loss of consciousness, if it is observed systematically, along with convulsions. If you notice that the dog rolls eyes, trembling in the limbs, you must take the animal to the vet immediately!

There are many signs, but in order to prevent death, contact the veterinary clinic about once every three months.Prevent vitamins, worms tablets. But only with the recommendation of the vet.