How does a child grow after a year in 2018

The period of life, starting from a year to 5 years, is fundamental when the foundation is laid for the formation of the correct growth and development of the child. At this time, the child begins to adapt to the world, the child is socialized: he learns to talk, walk, read, play with other children, enjoys games, visits, based on his hobbies, various sections, watches cartoons, shows character, in a word, he fully begins to comprehend the diversity of this world.
From year to 2 years, the child's body is improved, the bone and muscle tissue strengthens and develops, internal organs and the central nervous system begin to function, the child’s growth increases, speaking skills are gained, weight is gained, as the baby’s nutrition finally passes into the adult ration phase.
At the age of one and a half, the child begins not only to move, but to step over the steps, jump, spin, climb or climb obstacles.At this age, it is important for parents to follow the correct posture of their baby, since it was during this period that her first violations manifest themselves, which will aggravate the school.
By the age of two, the child has the ability to imitate. Children can copy the facial expressions of others, especially parents, and also reproduce some voice intonations. We must try to develop these abilities in the child, because they contribute to the fastest socialization. Strengthen the attention and memory of the child. It is good to organize classes for the development of fine motor skills two or three times a day, you can play with large beads, roll balls, sort through seeds.
By the age of 3, the child’s motor apparatus is well formed, the muscle tissue is getting stronger, movements are refined, so children of this age want to pick up pencils and felt-tip pens to depict something. This period is a great time to start playing sports and enthusiasm for artistic creativity. Attract a child to the modeling, create applications, tell from what figures objects consist, ask him to tell about objects and their properties.
By the age of 4, the baby can already not only speak, but think. This is the time of knowledge. Many parents are faced with a whole abyss of why and why questions. In no case do not stop them, patiently explain, show, draw analogies. With a child, you can begin to learn the alphabet, develop his mental abilities, teach him to be diligent, teach him to read, develop him through cognitive games. All this will help your child to be fully developed and to better adapt to the society among peers.
The period of knowledge will last until the school itself, interest in science will fade away, and this is normal. The teaching will become a duty, therefore, by the age of 9-11, children so often begin to protest, to refuse lessons. In addition, the powerful hormonal explosion, which is typical for children of 11-15 years old, is superimposed. From this time begins the youth.