How do drugs work?

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How do drugs work?

Drugs are potent chemicals that gradually poison the body. They are known since ancient times. Such substances are often used for various rituals, allowing for some time to change the mind, escape from reality. At its core, these are potent poisons that cause addiction and ultimately lead to death.

When a person starts taking drugs, he starts the mechanism of destruction of his body, mind, feelings, falling to the lowest stage of development. Before you try hazardous substances, it is worth remembering how drugs act, and think about your life, which, after taking them, will change for the worse. The excuse that I will try once and I will not do it again will not work.

Action on the mind and emotions

People tend to get away from problems by taking drugs, but they get new, more serious problems. First, the addict rises to an unusually high emotional level. He feels euphoric, has extraordinary mental abilities. But the action ends, and he falls even lower than the level of emotion that he had before taking drugs.Attempts to return bliss end with an increase in the dose and another state of terrible withdrawal, complete apathy, despair.

The body is designed in such a way that it itself produces special substances that make a person happy - endorphins. Drug molecules are similar to them. The brain, taking them for their own, blocks the production of their own endorphins. Dependency arises, and the body constantly requires a new dose of happiness hormones, since it can no longer produce them. Nerve endings are dulled, and now, in order to feel joy or relieve pain, it is necessary to take more and more drugs, and sometimes stronger ones.

Then a person takes poisonous substances in order to feel at least a little bit better. Thoughts become confused, speech is difficult. His relatives and friends turn away from the addict, he is fired from his job. Independently cope with the addiction is no longer possible.

Action on physical condition

The drug has a detrimental effect on all systems and organs - kidneys and liver fail. Especially drugs affect the cardiovascular system, serious heart rhythm disturbances occur, leading to heart attacks and strokes. Blood clots are formed in the vessels.The body loses a large amount of vitamins, so the state of fatigue, unhealthy complexion is always accompanied by an addict.

One who smokes drugs often suffers from lung diseases such as bronchitis, lung tissue sclerosis, and damage to the pulmonary vessels that supply blood to oxygen.

The protective forces are significantly weakened, the immunity almost does not prevent the ingestion of harmful viruses and bacteria. Often, people who take drugs die from simple diseases, which in a normal state are well treated. When the effect of the poison ends, the breaking begins: all parts of the body hurt, chills appear, cold sweat, sleep and appetite disappear.