How did the world come about?

Our planet has existed for countless years, but so far nobody knows how the world happened. This is the biggest mystery that nature has told us. There are a lot of theories, assumptions and guesses about the emergence of the universe. The question is considered in many aspects, it is:

  • religion;
  • the science;
  • fantastic;
  • esoterics.

Christianity and the creation of the world

The Bible tells how our world was created from the point of view of Christianity. It took only seven days for the Almighty to create everything that we see around us. The seventh day was a holiday, and the world - from the earth, sky, darkness, light, plants and to animals and people - was created in six days. Then God created the Garden of Eden with the tree of knowledge and settled in it the first people - Adam and Eve. Having tasted the forbidden fruit, people violated the law of God, and were sent down from Paradise to the sinful Earth.

The creation of the world by the Most High is mentioned throughout the biblical narrative. This theory of the origin of the world is vehemently denied by Darwin's theory, which proves that man descended from a great ape.

Quantum theory

The quantum theory of the origin of our world has not been overlooked by many science-fiction writers. Its meaning lies in the multivariate of our world. In each branch of the event flow in their own way, regardless of the "neighboring" branches. In addition, each of us lives his life at once in all variants. The number of branches depends on a variety of factors, such as the behavior of atoms. Every second there are many new options, and in the branches remote from each other directly opposite events can occur with you. Scientists pay much attention to this theory, but there is still no direct evidence of the existence of parallel worlds.

Big Bang

One of the most common and discussed theories of the origin of the world is the Big Bang theory. This cosmological model describes the development of the Universe as transferred to the process of expansion of a singular state. The theory says that the universe has existed for over 13 billion years. At the same time, it is in a constant process of expansion, as a result of which matter arises from a vacuum. At the same time, no one can answer the question “What happened before the Big Bang?”.Any attempt by scientists to find an answer stumbles upon the impossibility of applying our mathematical space-time model to the theory under discussion.

Alien origin

There are many supporters of ufology, who are convinced of the emergence of civilizations only thanks to alien intelligent creatures. Moreover, there are many ideas that our planet itself was adapted for the appearance of life by aliens. There is no direct evidence for this theory, but many Darwinian scholars themselves often make reservations about the fact that people really are much more complicated than modern medicine and science as a whole describe it. This gives reason to doubt the randomness of the origin of both man and the world itself.