How do cats live?

Cats are probably the most amazing creatures on the planet! The human love for them has not been extinguished for more than 5 thousand years since the time the Egyptians tamed the cats. If an Egyptian cat died, the family declared mourning and all its members shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning for the animal. Over time, cats began to be considered sacred animals, they were respected, worshiped and even idolized.

Today the situation is a bit different, but cats are also loved and respected now. There are still wild cats on the planet, as well as domestic ones, long ago tamed by humans. The difference between them is not very great, since their nature has remained the same. Such cats differ only in lifestyle and place of residence.

Wild cat life

Being interested in how cats live, it is first of all necessary to note that these animals are loners. Both domestic and wild. They never created flocks, never went after the leader. It is true that the cat walks by itself.

The habitats of wild cat cats are very diverse. It can be forests, fields, jungles. Wherever they are, the cats will never disappear and will find food and a place to sleep.Thanks to their strong claws, cats can live, relax and hunt trees, and on the ground they feel even more confident. Speaking of feeding wild cats, it is worth noting that these are all kinds of small animals caught in the hunt.

Grass cats are only needed for treatment. Cats hunt mostly in the evening or in the early morning, daytime for them is a rest. How do cats prefer to rest? Basically sleep or bask in the sun. That's all wild cat occupation.

Life of domestic cats

Talking about the lives of cats among people can be very, very long. They lived so closely with man that it’s hard to imagine a city without a single murmuring creation. Homeless domestic cats are also very useful for humans, as they feed on mice and rats, which without the participation of cats would have filled all the basements a long time ago and caused great damage to the farm.

There are a lot of places where cats live. These are apartments, houses, sheds, basements - buildings, where at least you can take shelter from cold and rain. Although there is information that the cats are returning home, overcoming many thousands of kilometers. But still survive in the wild domestic cat hard enough.

Who is the head in this house?

If we talk about cats as pets, we can say one thing: it is not a cat that lives on the territory of a person, it is a man who entered the cat’s territory and occupied it, but the cat by his courtesy allowed it. If in relation to man-dog, man acts as a leader and the dog understands this, then in relation to the cat-man the cat is the main thing, and the latter knows and understands this.

Kota must be loved with all the fibers of the soul, and then he may be favored. Often, how cats live can be judged on the owner himself, since a good person will never offend an animal.

Favorite activities

Cat's favorite pastime is sleep. Cats sleep two thirds of their lives and can fall asleep where it would seem to be completely uncomfortable. Cats are also not afraid of heights, so they can sleep and rest in various dangerous places - on the roof, window sills, balcony railings. If the cat is not sleeping, he will be interested in all that surrounds him.

Cats love to watch what is happening on the street through the window, love to walk on their heels behind the owner and "control" his actions. An interesting fact is that the cat needs to go to bed exactly where the owner was going to do something: if it is necessary to wash, the cat will fall on the washing machine, if you work at the computer - the cat is on the keyboard.Thus, the cats attract attention to themselves, while they sneak with displeasure if they are chased away.

Also, cats love very long and thoroughly wash. It is important not only from the point of view of hygiene, cats treat and calm down like that. Therefore, if the cat decided to restore order in his fur, it is better not to disturb him, but just leave him alone with himself.

Cat aura

Also, do not touch the place where the cats live, where they like to sleep or rest. In these places, most often circulates positive energy, a beneficial effect on the body, not only a cat, but also a person.

And the most important fact is that domestic cats are excellent healers for humans. The vibrations created by the rumbling of a cat have a special healing range, they can cure not only a slight headache, but also more complex and serious diseases.

And summing up, we can say that not only a cat needs a man, a cat is no less needed by a man.