How do cats die?

Unfortunately, on this earth nothing living is forever. Our beloved pets may also die sooner or later. This article will discuss how cats die.

How does death happen

Cats are very unusual animals. They are credited with even the most mystical abilities. But they, too, are getting old and sick. Why do cats die? From old age and from diseases, many of which are fatal.

If the cat realizes that something is wrong with her, she begins to hide in the most secluded places, where no one can disturb her. Feeling pain and danger, they try to hide from people and from everything that can be done by any unnecessary cat at the moment of action. The cat feels pain and is confident that someone has offended or attacked her, causing pain.

She cannot understand who did this, so she prefers to get away from everyone in order to protect herself from some unknown danger. It often happens that a cat dies away from the owners or in a place where it is difficult to find it.

Why does the cat go to die

Often the owners can not understand why the animal, which they holili and cherished, leaves the house without saying goodbye, and dies alone. The cat does not know how to explain what specifically disturbs her and is in a tremendous near-death stress. No one near her is needed. She is not a human being and cannot ask for support and an explanation of what is going on with her. If a cat starts hiding from its owners in the most distant and hard-to-reach places, this is the answer to the question of how to understand that the cat is dying.

This does not mean that the cat does not love its owners. She is simply at this moment in deep confusion and the only way out for her seems to be to hide from everyone, including the owners. We are not given to understand that at the moment of death the cat feels. After all, we are different. A person is ready for the fact that sooner or later he will have to leave this world, and he understands this if he is seriously ill.

If something starts to hurt the cat, she does not understand what is happening to her and she cannot prevent it. Cats think that the pain was inflicted outside, as a result of the attack, they do not distinguish between types of pain and do not understand where it comes from. Therefore, the cats go to die.They hide from the attacker and wait for their unbearable torment to end. But, unfortunately, this leads to the fact that they die alone, without waiting for the pain to pass.

The cat is distinguished from a person even by the moment that when a person dies, he is afraid, he doesn’t imagine how he is there in the next world. Man is very afraid of death. He is afraid of her throughout his life. He is afraid of the thought that life will ever be interrupted and he will have to leave this world forever.

This fear of cats is absent for the reason that they simply do not know what death is. Frightening thoughts come to him only at the moment when death came very close. It often happens that the cat dies at home, but it happens in a place where no one can find it, she chose to be alone.