How can I make a real churchkhela?

Churchchel can be found in all southern markets. And to pass by the multi-colored "sausages" decorating street stalls, it is very difficult. It's so interesting, what's inside? We are happy to open this secret, and tell you how to cook such a treat yourself.

Sweet greetings from Georgia

Churchchela is Georgian sweet with a long history. Once women prepared it for men who went to war. I needed something nutritious and non-perishable. Many managed to survive precisely because of this high-calorie product, in the absence of food on the battlefield and in long hikes.

Today in Georgia, these "sausages" - a traditional dessert for the New Year. So what is the composition of this goodies? The outer shell is nothing but grape juice, and the filler is nuts.

If you like very sweet, then choose a light "sausage", its "cover" is made from white grapes, and it tastes like honey. Crimson and maroon are made from blue and red grapes, and have a pleasant sourness.

Inside can be a walnut or hazelnut, hazelnuts or almonds.You can use peanuts, but the taste may be somewhat worse.

And so we got to you with the most interesting and responsible moment - independent cooking at home. Let's get started

From the products will be needed:

  • nuts - 350 g;
  • grape juice - 2 liters;
  • corn flour - 1 tbsp.

The traditional recipe provides a filler of nuts, but if you want to diversify the taste a little, you can add raisins, prunes or seeds.

As for nuts, everything depends on your taste preferences. You can cook only from the forest, and you can make a mix. This will affect the taste and appearance of the dessert.

It is worth starting with the preparation of threads for churchkhela. They should be cotton, about 40 cm long. 10-15 cm should be left to tie a loop. For her later sweetness is suspended for drying.

Also need a big needle.

Nuts must first be dried in a frying pan, and then carefully threaded with a needle.

After harvesting, you need to dip in the Tatars - grape kissel. How to make it? Very simple. From fresh grapes squeeze out 2 liters of juice. Mix half with flour to avoid lumps.Bring the second half to a boil, and gradually add the liquid with the flour. Cook for 15 minutes, stirring constantly.

Prepare a bar on which the Georgian delicacy will dry, lay a parchment under it, where excess juice will be poured. Each billet with nuts soak in grape kissel and hang on the bar. After a few minutes, repeat the process. This can be done until the churchkhela gathers a sufficient amount of shell.

Dry it will be about a week.

You can delight lovers of sweets with other types of this dessert by preparing a shell of apple, pomegranate or apricot juice.

Homemade churchkhela is an incredibly tasty sweetness that you can take on the road and delight children with it.