How can you guess?

Divination is one of the most interesting and mystical ways to know the future and influence your own destiny. It appeared in antiquity itself, even when writing and religion were not widely known. Divination is also one of the ways to know one’s own inner world, which is extremely easy to master. So let's try to consider how to guess.

Rules of fortune telling

There is a certain set of rules that must be followed by those who are about to begin divination. If they are neglected, the results may be far from reality.

  1. Many inexperienced sorcerers and witches are wondering how often you can guess. Do not neglect this rule. You can not guess one day more than three times. Experienced magicians recognize this as the neglect of the forces of the Cosmos, which was located to you. This is also explained by the psychology of human behavior, since few people can concentrate more than three times a day.
  2. Before you start divination on any cards, whether tarot or ordinary cards, you must accustom them to yourself.Otherwise, they will always deceive you and show the wrong result. Cards are not such a simple element in fortune-telling, as it seems at first glance. They can become either your opponent in fortune-telling, or, on the contrary, an ally. It all depends on the intentions that you want to achieve by divination. Is it possible to guess at the tarot if they do not belong to you? Of course, if you take other people's magic cards for fortune telling, you will make the biggest mistake. Cards need to be customized for themselves, for this there is a special ritual that only professional sorcerers and fortune-tellers know. It is advisable to find out personally how fortune tellers can tell fortune tellers, and not from third-party sources such as the Internet or the media.
  3. If you decide to practice fortune telling on the coffee grounds, which is popular today, as well as card fortune telling, then for these purposes, get yourself a special saucer and cup. These items should not be stored in the kitchen next to the rest of the dishes, as they do not always contain positive energy.
  4. If you are going to guess by hand, then remember that the effectiveness of such fortune telling will be available only after seven years.If you are guessing several times a year, it is unlikely that you will be able to learn something new. And the thing is that every year signs appear and disappear on a person’s hand. Palmistry shows most often what it really is, since in this science everything depends on the person’s worldview.
  5. Very many novice sorcerers are interested in what days you can guess. Be most cautious of fortune-telling on holidays, as only if you have pure thoughts, the Higher Forces will approve your intention. If the opposite is true, then they can certainly punish you. Consequences will not keep you waiting. You can guess on Sunday, but only if the result of fortune telling is vital. Do not forget to go to church and repent.
  6. Now let's define the time of divination. It is advisable to guess at night, since at this time there is an activity of an extraterrestrial entity. However, remember that if you are guessing at night, then dark forces will help you, and if during the day they are light. Thus, it is possible to answer the question whether it is possible to guess during the day.
  7. And the last thing you should pay attention to is a fortune telling by a woman during her pregnancy.It is worth remembering that a child who is in the womb is exposed not only physically, but also energetically. The otherworldly forces, giving you the answer to your question, very often require something in return. And not the fact that they will take exactly your energy, and not your unborn child. Thus, if you want to know when pregnant women can guess, that is the only answer - never.

Examples of divination

Now let's look at the most famous types of divination, which are most often used by sorcerers and simple thrill-seekers.

  1. Divination with a mirror and a decanter for Christmas. Pour some water into the carafe and place it on the table. Then you need to take three candles and put on three sides of the decanter. Put a mirror behind the carafe and light the candles. If you stare at the mirror for a long time, you can see what awaits you in the future.
  2. Divination with matches on a loved one. In this divination, you must take a box of matches and insert two matches into it. Now you just have to set it on fire. If the heads of burnt matches are turned to each other, then the guy is destined to be with this girl.
  3. Divination with the help of an ordinary book. This is the oldest and innocuous way of fortune telling. It was used at all times by enlightened people. It is necessary for him to prepare questions in advance, to tune in morally. Ask someone to name any page, as well as the line number at the top or bottom. Now open this page and read what is written in the corresponding line. This is what you should expect in the near future.

There are many more ways of divination. The most important thing is that the thoughts of the guessing person are pure and sincere, then the results will be correct and come true very soon.