How can I use a steam cleaner for home?

Today's housewives are much easier to cope with domestic chores and worries, because scientific and technological progress has affected this industry: a huge number of various household appliances significantly facilitate the life of many families.

Steam cleaner is one of them, because with its help the process of long, difficult and tedious cleaning can turn into a pleasant pastime that will not make you spend hours traveling around the house with a wet rag and toned chemicals.

Handy thing

With the help of such a device, it is much easier to clean the floors, clean the contaminated surfaces, besides, it is worth noting that they do not just wash, but also perfectly disinfect! And this means that with the acquisition of a steam cleaner, you can forget about household chemicals, which many of us brought a lot of trouble.

This is a real miracle for people with allergies, as well as for families with young children, because with this device you will not only get rid of dirt and dust in two counts, but also from harmful microbes, bacteria and allergens.

By the way, before the steam cleaners were used exclusively for disinfecting medical institutions, over time, they were significantly improved, equipped with various convenient nozzles and released to the masses.

Today, there are more than a dozen different steam cleaners on the market of household appliances, how to choose, so as not to lose, where is the "golden mean"? After all, it is not only a large assortment, but also a fairly wide range of prices, it is not so easy to decide between them.


Before you go for the long-awaited purchase, it is important to figure out what kind of fruit it is, and what it is eaten with. If you put all the descriptions together, it turns out that this is a household appliance that is designed to thoroughly disinfect and clean any external surface.

The whole process is carried out at the expense of hot steam, which is formed from the water previously collected in the steam boiler. Usually steam cleaners consist of several main parts: a water tank (steam boiler), a heating element, a hose, and a trigger sprayer (gun).

Serious model

Most modern steam cleaners for the house are equipped with special removable nozzles,that allow you to work with the most unexpected surfaces, as well as to handle very hard-to-reach places.

Most household steam cleaners can be divided into two main types: portable hand-held devices and floor-standing (steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners). You can still find on sale road models, apparently they resemble manual ones, their main difference is a very small amount of a steam boiler, which makes them very convenient for transportation.

Many owners are attracted by hand models and this is not surprising, because they are easy to use, and also have small dimensions. Such steam cleaners are relatively inexpensive and they are much easier and more convenient to store than steam cleaners-vacuum cleaners.

Manual model

All this, of course, is true, but we must not forget that the compactness of such devices is achieved precisely because of the small volume of the steam boiler, which means that they can be convenient only if you have to perform a small amount of work.

If you plan to clean the entire apartment with the help of a steam cleaner, then you can be sure that it is very tiring to hold a 2 kg appliance in your hands for a long time.For these purposes, compact steam cleaners are best suited, which outwardly resemble a small vacuum cleaner, and therefore they can not be held in hands.

Convenient to take with you.

Typically, the kit includes several special brushes: for floors, carpets, tables, windows, a nozzle that allows cleaning out hard-to-reach places, for example, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, as well as nozzles-irons that can work on the principle of a steamer for clothes.

There are also more powerful steam cleaners, outwardly they resemble vacuums of impressive sizes, due to which they combine various functions of steaming. Of course, the cost of such units is quite high, but, but, with their help, you can spend a thorough cleaning.

Principle of operation

To understand how to use the steam cleaner correctly, it is necessary, at least briefly, to get acquainted with the principle of its operation. The tank is filled with water, preferably distilled or, at least, purified. Next, the device is included in the electrical network, which activates the heating element.

Modern model

After a while (the duration of which will depend on the power of the device), the water heats up and begins to transfer to the vapor state.On the trigger gun is usually located a button that drives the steam escaping from the holes in the nozzle.

Main characteristics

Before going for a purchase, of course, it is desirable to learn the basic characteristics of steam cleaners, each of which will affect the quality of its operation. It would be useful to study the reviews and opinions of people who already have experience using such household appliances, and, therefore, can advise something useful about this.

  • The method of heating. It happens: straight-through (in this case, the water is heated as it is released), as well as with the formation of steam in the boiler. Of course, it is preferable to choose the second option, since in this case the jet power and the temperature level of the steam will be much higher, respectively, and the quality of cleaning.
  • The first characteristic to which it is necessary to pay close attention is the power level, the rate of steam generation will depend on it, and, therefore, the quality of surface cleaning. For handheld devices, it can range from 700 to 1500 watts, and for floor-standing to 2500 watts. It is believed that the best option are devices whose power is more than 1000 watts.
  • The next characteristic is the rate of water heating.It can vary from 15 seconds to 20 minutes, fully depends on the power of the device, as well as on the volume of the water tank.
  • Steam pressure It can vary from up to 2 to 6 bar, steam cleaners with a steam pressure of 3-4 bar are considered the best option. The lower the vapor pressure, the cleaning quality of the surface will be lower.
  • Tank volume. It can vary from 500 ml to several liters, as it is not difficult to guess, this parameter affects the amount of time during which it will be possible to work without stopping. One liter of water is enough for 20-30 minutes, after that the steam cleaner needs to be refilled.
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