How and where to rest in the summer is inexpensive, where to go to rest abroad on vacation

At the onset of summer, each person feels the need for a rest. The routine of everyday life fills it entirely, and the soaked air in pairs of cars and factories poisons the lungs and the whole body more and more. In order to get away from work at least a little, people resort to using full-fledged leave, the right to which they have at least once a year, so they decide where to go for a holiday in the summer at a low price. People prefer to rest in different ways. Some people just have to go to the country cottage in the country and have mercy on the starry sky, and also catch fish on the river, while others want to relax on a sandy beach near the coast of the sandy sea, providing their bodies with a chocolate tan. And a separate percentage of residents prefer rest abroad, where they can learn the culture of other peoples and give their body more exotic impressions.In this article we will try to tell you where it is better to go to rest in the summer is not expensive abroad, depending on your individual characteristics to spend your free time, which hotels to choose depending on the distribution of vacation expenses, and also we consider it important to help tell you how to relax in the summer small children and elderly people, we will give useful tips for a good summer rest.


Which country is better to choose for summer holidays?



When choosing a country where to go to rest in the summer, you need to make sure in which climatic conditions it is located. The key to a good holiday is a small change in temperature compared with the area where you live. If you make a mistake you will get used to the local climate for a long time, which will cause discomfort. If you go to a hot country where the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, in this case it is better to choose a country with dry air. See the article where it is better to relax on the Black Sea, if you want people around to understand the Russian language.


What kind of recreation to choose?



Each person is unique and chooses a way of life in his own way.In everyday life after work, many people have a hobby. Some go to the gym to maintain shape, while others can not do without the thrill, depending on which group you belong to, we will help you choose the type of rest that suits you best.


For people who love to soak on the warm coast of the sea or ocean, we can offer to go in the summer to rest in countries likeTurkey, Spain, Greece or relax in Paris. The weather conditions there in the summer are excellent, you are guaranteed to receive positive emotions, as well as chocolate tan.


If you want to visitcountries United Arab EmiratesorBrazil, unfortunately, you will need to wait until the fall due to unfavorable weather conditions at this time of year.


What type of holiday to chooseYou love extreme? You can not live without increasing the level of adrenaline in the blood? Then you need to visitCzech Republic, Croatia or go to Spain. The great presence of water sports in Spain will help you get an unforgettable extreme experience, and the nearest agencies will help you in your equipment. You can buy it both for rent and for purchase. And the virgin forests of Croatia will help you to retire in private with nature, and plunge into the soul of the forest.


If you want tovisit the area with exotic plantsand pet tour operators will provide you with a list of countries such as India, Mexico, and Japan. Everything that you have ever seen on TV and dreamed of seeing live come true. A variety and sophistication of local cuisine will give you new ideas about food.


If you want to go to rest abroad and combine rest withrecovery of the whole bodyyou need to visit countries likeSri Lanka and China. In these countries, many mineral springs and waters that will help supply you with minerals and healing properties will improve your body. Today, many hotels offer spa services. But for this it is not necessary to go abroad. It is also possible to find sources with mineral substances in the territory of your country.


How to choose a hotel?



Choosing a hotel is fundamental in good rest.You can not always rely on the words of travel agencies, because in words they say one thing, but when you arrive at the hotel you get a completely different result.As an example, you thought about the proximity of the ocean shore to the presence of swimming pools and a jacuzzi near the resting place. And as it turns out, the hotel is close to a two-star hotel with a poor quality of service and unsanitary living conditions, not to mention food. In the aftermath, bad memories are imposed on the rest, and many nerve cells are killed, which, to the general knowledge, are not restored.


When relaxing on a resort beach for youproximity to the hotel is important, because you always want to have a warm sand near the hotel. The level of service, as well as cleanliness and comfort should satisfy your requirements. Depending on the amount of money you want to rest, you will be provided with hotel rooms with different levels of comfort. In many hotels, depending on cash costs, you can order a Suite-room, which will include all the services from the service to a private bar in the room with a private pool.


With prolongedrest in the mountainsor a trekking tour most of the time you are left alone with nature often people spend the night in the woods and mountains in campsite tents.You need to make sure only at the final point of arrival. The proximity of the sights is not decisive, because after long trips the only thing the tourist wants is only rest in a warm and clean bed.


Which hotel to choose?



Hotels are usually classified by the stars. It is believed that the five-star hotel is the highest level of service and the provision of all services and the vagaries of customers. But unfortunately,not in all countries the distribution of hotels goes by the stars. In some countries, hotels are divided into spells crowns or suites. Usually the hotel of 4 suites is equated to a five-star hotel. To make sure in choosing a good hotel - viewing pictures and descriptions of the hotel on the Internet will not be enough, because in the photos you can embellish a lot of things, as well as remove flaws. A proven method is the comments and reviews about this hotel. People who have recently been there, honestly write about all the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel. Also, do not forget that you need to look at recent comments, as the hotel management could make repairs in this period of time.


How much will the rest cost?



How much will restWhen choosing a placewhere to relax abroad in the summerand the choice of hotel in which to stay, you need to determine the amount that you are willing to spend on the services provided to you. Most often, people prefer three- or four-star hotels because of the fact that two stars in a hotel is not enough and the level of service, and the apartments themselves will be below average. And in five-star hotels rest mostly people of high status and position in society, which may give some discomfort during their stay on site. Also, if you compare something in a three-star hotel, you can walk around the territory in shorts and how it will be more convenient for you, unlike tuxedo and neckties that you need to wear in expensive hotels. If you are willing to spend a large amount on vacation, then five-star hotels will be happy to provide you with royal apartments. For an additional fee you can visit all corners of the local resort, enjoying the grandeur of nature and exotic.


Discounts at travel agencies can spoil your summer vacation and vacation.



Often you hear about discounts of 25 percent or 50 percent.Most people are immediately bought for this catch and subsequentlyregret having bought last minute tours. The essence of this is in the following tour operators will not provide discounts if everything in their hotels is flawless.Surely there is a catch. Often at the entrance to the room you can expect round-the-clock repair work at the hotel or the lack of a view of the sea shore. Therefore, when using discounts and special offers from a travel agency, always be vigilant.


Check-in and check-out from the hotel abroad



Very often, people are faced with the problem of waiting for check-in in a hotel room. The reason islate arrival at the hotel. As a rule, the entrance to the hotel takes place at 2 pm and departure at 12.00. Many hotels adhere to this requirement, since 2 hours were taken out for cleaning the premises after the departure of tourists. In order to solve the problem of waiting there are several options.


  1. The first - will agree in advance about the room (book). The disadvantage of this procedure is in the expenditure of money, because for additional services you always have to overpay.
  2. The other method is to buy tickets with the desired arrival time.If many tourists arrive early in the morning at the resort, then we can fly a little later, but this will reduce the waiting time on the sleeves.