How to always look sexy, whatever you put on

Sexuality for each person has its own meaning, no matter how hard British scientists dreamed of deriving the same formula for everyone. Men's magazines usually express their detailed opinion on this topic, accompanying the article by shooting with Adriana Lima in a bandage dress. We, in contrast to them, will try to draw you a purely feminine and in some way even selfish version of sexuality - one that rather rhymes with self-confidence than with tight dresses and deep cleavage. How to understand that you are in fact an adept of exactly such sexuality? We derived five characteristic signs.
How always to look sexy, whatever you are wearing

First, you wear sexy underwear under the most ordinary clothes

The best way to realize that sexuality is internal, not external, is to wear pointedly seductive things (the first and most important thing that comes to mind is depraved underwear) so that nobody sees them. We call for help leopard print, black lace and other tricks that can be hidden under strict clothing, but still feel giving confidence in the effect.