How can a netbook be better than a laptop?

In our crazy high-speed century, when we do not have time to have a normal dinner, we live constantly “in touch” and have no right to miss anything, our favorite gadgets come to the rescue. However, the requirements for them every year we make all the higher, but, nevertheless, the main criterion remains the main thing: performance and size. No one wants to carry a huge suitcase packed with gadgets and other necessary things. And if you have a question of choosing between a netbook and a laptop, then first you need to decide how important the weight of the device will be for you.

The portability of the netbook, of course, is preferable: its dimensions are much smaller than the laptop, and the technical characteristics, given its parameters, are quite high. In this case, you will not be greatly burdened with its dimensions and weight, but at the same time you can count on a full-fledged working “tool” that you can use anywhere: work in a cafe or even in public transport.

Why is netbook better?

  1. The main task of the netbook is its mobility and weight.It is very inconvenient to work with a laptop, for example, in public transport.
  2. Size: a netbook is much smaller than a laptop, it can easily fit in a bag, and, unlike a laptop, it is much lighter.
  3. Price. The price range of a netbook is significantly different from a laptop: netbooks are much cheaper.
  4. In standalone mode, the netbook works for 6-7 hours, or even more, depending on the model, since the screen is small and non-power consuming. A laptop for the same money can give no more than 3-5 hours of autonomy.
  5. The size of a hard drive on a netbook is much smaller than on a netbook, but when you consider that a netbook is necessary for work, in practice it has been proven that the volume is enough.
  6. CPU. The latest models of netbooks are available with Intel Core i5 processors. Intel Core i7 is a performance chip that allows the netbook to operate at high speeds. In addition, they are optimized for energy efficiency and do not waste battery resources.

The selection of models from many manufacturers with different technical specifications can be viewed at PriceOK. The choice is great and, given the above characteristics, it will be easier for you to choose the right model.

Here are some examples of the best netbooks to work with.

Acer aspire one ic3300- Powered by Intel Core i7 processor, which provides a fairly high performance, copes with the simultaneous execution of several tasks. Other specifications: 4GB of RAM, 11-inch screen diagonal, 1366x768 resolution, Wi-Fi network connectivity, Bluetooth, modem connection.

MacBook 12- with a 12-inch screen with a resolution of 2304x1440, the viewing angle of the screen is 180 degrees - excellent visibility and in bright sun. Thanks to the Intel Core M processor, it runs silently and continuously (up to 10 hours), the RAM is 8 GB, the integrated Intel HD graphic card, the keyboard with a butterfly mechanism (which makes the keys super-sensitive), thickness is 13 mm and is almost weightless (0.920 kg) - just a dream!

In general, everything is simple: a netbook is a very comfortable, small, lightweight, but at the same time productive assistant.