Honeymoon trip

The children decided to get married. The problem is that the bridegroom works and he can be released even from work for a week in December. Where can I go at this time of year?


Ask the young people what their wishes are. They don’t want seals on the beach for a week. Can they tour the cities of Europe to buy. My friends went to different cities for a week. Were very pleased

What grief are you in? Look here you can buy tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscowhttp://alinatur.ru/country/dominikanaClimate features allow you to swim there all year round. I have long wanted to celebrate New Year in a warm country. Retained a link to not lose. They may also have advance reservations, which will allow you to plan your vacation with maximum efficiency.

In Egypt, you can go in December. We went there but the New Year a couple of years ago. I like it. We have a cold. It's warm and good there, especially at the all-inclusive hotel.

I agree) I also like it) if you look for unsociable places, then there is such beauty as in the Maldives) not to distinguish) you just need to know the places)

Maybe at a ski resort? It is also possible to fly to warm countries in Egypt, at this time, as I know

In December, it is clearly not in Europe, let them fly to warmer lands, for example, to Bora Bora.

A ski resort for a honeymoon trip is probably not the best option, although this is an amateur affair. After all, it is important to spend time so that it is good for both. If you like sports, then that's great. But the most important thing is to pre-book tickets, you can through the cashierhttp://ua.fly.kiev.ua/Here you can always find great deals and there is a chance to save on the flight. And that's good

We are planning to go to Italy

What about Egypt?

Anywhere, in principle! But I would advise you to pay attention to China. And what an unusual direction!

There are actually quite a few options for traveling, so I don’t think there can be any problems. Of course the eyes run away from the possibilities, but we must proceed from the needs.

It depends on what budget) you can somewhere on the islands, in the Dominican Republic) and even in Egypt you can)

Everywhere, depending on what goals the newlyweds pursue. If the sun is the sea beach, then you can Dominican Republic, India, Egypt, and if you just change the situation - then any city in Europe

What did you decide with the trip? where in the end go? or have you already gone?

And we decided to hold a wedding in the style of "Breakfast at Tiffany."

Egypt at this time of the year is ideal only if the holiday does not fall at the end of December, because at this time there are too many people there!

In the warm lands, on an island of some kind. For example, Bali.