Heaviness in the stomach: how to solve the problem

If you need to quickly get rid of the discomfort, take a pill of digestive remedies. Mezim or Pancreatin will do. Drugs stimulate the pancreas, resulting in accelerated digestion. But this is not a means of treatment, but simply help the stomach until you can go to the hospital.
When you probably assume that after eating this or that product, you get problems with digestion, gnaw a raw carrot or take two teaspoons of bran (peeled). Peristalsis will increase, the severity will pass. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits, and cereals that are rich in fiber.
You can drink a glass of any citrus juice, it will stimulate the stomach, you will feel relief, but only people with low acidity can do this.
If you are experiencing not only heaviness, but also heartburn, drink some soda or alkaline mineral water. Soda will extinguish the excess acid, the digestive process is activated.Do not forget to pre-dissolve soda in 100 g of warm, but not hot water.
Follow a diet, refuse from harmful products, then the digestion is normalized. If this does not happen, hurry to the hospital. After the diagnosis of the disease, you will be prescribed medication.