Heart on a stand

On the day of St. Valentines are all trying to present each other with small romantic souvenirs with various hearts, kisses and flowers. Which will be the embodiment of the most sincere wishes. As a rule, it is red that symbolizes love, passion, and strong feelings. Therefore, the gifts presented on this day should be in this color range. We offer you a master class on making a beautiful heart made of corrugated paper on a wire stand. The craft turns out bright and attractive. For work, you need to prepare the following materials: - a piece of thick cardboard (you can take a paper box and cut a rectangle from it); - a low tin can (better because under canned fish); - a piece of thick wire that bends easily (about 50 cm); - narrow double-sided tape; - red corrugated paper (paper napkins are also possible); - scissors and a clerk's knife; - glue PVA; - plasticine; - various ribbons of a red shade. need to prepare
First you need to take the wire and give it the desired shape. You can twist the top in a small spiral and bend in the center. You can leave it flat and only tilt the top edge slightly. There are lots of options. Then, using plasticine, fix the wire in the center of the tin can. Instead of clay, you can pour the container with liquid cement or alabaster (gypsum). Only they should dry about a day.
 wire form
Wrap the wire along the entire length with corrugated paper or napkins. To fix them, it is better to use PVA glue. Let the paper layer be bigger, so the wire will become bulky.
Wrap wire
Now you need to decorate the tin. You can beautifully and neatly wrap it with a thick red napkin and tie it with organza ribbon, tying a bow at the side. Looks great. If you want, cover it with a transparent cloth or paint it with acrylic paints.
decorate tin
Next we proceed to the fabrication of the heart. You need to take a thick cardboard, draw a heart on it and cut a stencil.
 go to the manufacture of the heart
Two pieces of the same size should be made like these.
cut out
In the center of each piece, you need to cut a small heart with a clerical knife. These two blanks are needed for further work.
 cut out
Glue them together using double-sided tape. And go to the decoration. First, it is better to wrap the heart with corrugated paper all around the perimeter to hide the base of the craft. It is possible to use a wide satin ribbon for this purpose.
we wind heart
 hang the heart on the stand
Then wrap the blank with a beautiful thread, glue three homemade paper roses.They are easy to make from a paper circle, cut in a spiral and glued in the center. And tie a thin red ribbon on top.
 hang the heart on the stand
You just need to hang a heart on a wire stand. It is necessary to correctly calculate the height of the wire and the size of the heart in order for the work to look organic.
Heart on a stand
Here is such an original souvenir obtained from scrap materials.