Healthy and proper nutrition for schoolchildren and children

A healthy diet for schoolchildren is different from what adults eat daily. It should be harmonious and special. If an adult from harmful products may not be anything, then the child may experience an allergic disease and other unpleasant symptoms.

It is not a secret for anyone that the simple truth is that depending on how we behave at the beginning of something our future life will depend. It’s one thing when mistakes do not add up to personal life, and the other is the undermined health of your child.

Having made the decision to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition for schoolchildren and children, you will encounter a serious obstacle - not the desire of the little child to eat certain foods. The child is basically still a useful product or not, the main thing is to get what you want.

From what you feed your crumbs will depend on many factors. For example, how much child will be active, intelligent, plodding and healthy.The less often a child has to attend medical facilities, the better.

Most parents are greatly mistaken when they think that they should have the same diet with their children. If an adult stomach can survive the dumplings for dinner, then children’s is unlikely.


Healthy nutrition of a child consists not only of special foods, but also a diet. On how much your child gets used to stick to it will depend on his health.


  1. It is necessary to eat food in a specially designated place: in the kitchen and at the table. Perhaps parents have a snack on a computer snack. If yes, then you yourself need to forget about it. Because the child, looking at you never learn, eat right.
  2. A child should not have the habit of randomly eating at any time of the day. For this, there are three full meals and two for snacks. They should be solid, not on the go. If the child adheres to a similar eating pattern, you will not hear from him tantrums about eating.
  3. After active games and nature walks you should not feed the student right away.To have a great appetite, you need to wait 15 minutes and your baby will ask you to feed him.
  4. Immediately disaccustom the child from the habit of chattering and playing while eating.
  5. If you want the baby to completely eat a liquid dish, then do not put before it a sweet dessert.
  6. Watch out for the schoolchild to fully eat a portion, and not feed the foods of his beloved cat.
  7. Your child should eat at least an hour and a half before going to bed.


In order for your schoolchild's organism to work without failures, it is your duty to give him everything you need. Whether you like these products for your child or not, in any case, he should use them daily.

Milk and all its derivatives will give your schoolboy necessary for healthy bones and skeleton calcium. It also has a B2. This is a vitamin without which growth is impossible. Note that more fat cream, sour cream and cottage cheese should be given to the child three times a week.

White meat and fish are sources of phosphorus and protein. Without a sufficient amount in the body, a healthy life is impossible. Most of the benefits in chicken, rabbit and lean fish.These products must be boiled, not fry.

Also, in the healthy menu of the schoolboy and the child, eggs should be present. You can take not only chicken, but also more useful quail. Eggs contain vitamins D, A, E, trace elements that are easily digested. Just do not let the kid drink raw eggs, it is not safe.

A schoolboy must eat bread. Buy whole grain bread and give your child 3-4 slices a day. Do not abuse white bread. Also, the baby should love to eat porridge. It is desirable to prepare a new one every day. Each type of porridge has its own supply of nutrients. Such diversity will benefit your baby.

Naturally, your menu should contain fruits and vegetables. Just be careful with their amount. As you know, these products are powerful allergens. Give the child a few of them and choose the ones that are grown in your area. Be sure to give the kid apples, raspberries, pumpkins, onions, greens, zucchini. Well, do not forget the queen of potatoes.

How to make a child eat "unloved" products?

In this case, parents will have to learn to cheat and show their imagination.A child can be forced to eat any food product. You will have to learn to make his presence in the dish not noticeable, but also not to tell the clever child about it. For example, if the baby does not like cottage cheese, learn how to prepare syrniki. Serve them with raspberry sauce, and the cottage cheese will not be noticed.

Problems with onions can be solved by grinding it up. You can also do with other products. The hardest things with cereals.