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What should I do to not get sick?

I feel like an aura is pierced

maybe I'm wrong

heart aches from april 2015

irreversible processes started from 2013

and not to repeat the mistake of 2013 August?

write to emailnatali.avtsynova@mail.ru?


Hello! In order to give you a comprehensive answer, I, of course, better see you and communicate with you. Here it was necessary to at least attach a photo. In general, I am a supporter of the fact that diseases must be approached "mechanically", i.e. connect in these matters only the brain. You feel heartache, you go and sign up for a doctor. In this case, you do not worry, do not think out the bad options, do not cheat yourself. Believe me, it will save from 80% percent of sores. Doubtful people are most prone to disease.