Hat on the hoop

All mind-blowing hats, as well as the reputation of a woman, are created from nothing. In our case, it is said incredibly accurately, because such a perky decoration on a hoop or elastic will not only cost you a penny, it will look much more attractive and brighter than an ordinary fabric flower. And if you are planning a party in retro style, a costume holiday or you are planning to visit the Royal horse racing in England (where the dress code requires a headdress), this is exactly what you need. And to make such a hat with your own hands is not difficult. You will need: - cardboard, - satin pink ribbon, - 2 types of tapes for crown decoration (I have polka dots), - glue gun,
- scissors; - beads and half-beads, - 3 small roses from a handicraft shop, - dark pink lace, - hoop.
 You will need
I cut a circle out of cardboard with a hole of 5 cm in diameter (2 cm from the field), and another small circle with a diameter of 4 cm (top of the hat).
 I wrap a large circle with a pink ribbon
I wrap a large circle with a pink ribbon, taping it along the way. In the absence of a glue gun or glue for rhinestones, you can use a needle with a string or PVA, although the quality of the connection will then be much worse.
 two tapes are pasted
On a small two ribbons are glued on the circle (so that they find a little on each other) and their edges are tucked inside.
is formed rectangle
The next stage - a rectangle is formed of cardboard a little wider than a tape (about 6 cm) and a fabric is attached to it, so that it is from one I went to the other side a little, and on the other I could see the cardboard. I assemble the entire hat with a glue gun, and on the crown (where there is no satin) I stick bright contrasting bands of two kinds (into peas). 5
 sticking bright contrast tape
Lace is attached to the very bottom of the headdress so that it looks 5 millimeters wide.Which one to use depends on your imagination, as well as the contrast and the tone of the hat are good in their own way ...
 beads are placed
At the junction of the ribbon on the crown (so that I could see the butt) I glue the roses, a few loops of ribbons and lace. In a chaotic manner beads and half beads are placed over the entire surface of the cap.
The hoop is wound (and glued) with a pink ribbon and at the junction with the cap is attached with glue to a cardboard circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the lower circle of your headgear (4 cm).
Your hat is ready and your new irresistible image is ready with it!
hats for a hoop