Hairstyles for medium hair

Svetlana Rumyantseva

Among the representatives of the weaker sex, shoulder-length hair is relevant at all times. Hairstyles for medium hair can be created with your own hands at home without professional skills in hairdressing.

Beautiful hairstyles in the base contain: hack, braids of different weaving, curls, large curls. From the main elements create styling in the form of shells, bunches, babin, horse tails. Having added a design a decorative accessory, the fashionable hairdress for five minutes on average hair turns out.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Female hairstyles can hide the flaws in the proportions of the face. Before you choose a haircut / styling, it is necessary to determine what type of full face girl. Conditionally, types of person can be correlated with geometric figures.

Having chosen a hairstyle on the average length of hair, you can proceed to the choice of hair. Styling are for all occasions: casual, evening, wedding, for prom.

How to wind hair of medium length on curlers

To form a hairstyle for medium length hair, it is often necessary to use curly locks. There are two classic ways: winding strands on curlers and creating curls with the help of curling irons.

How to curl hair with curlers?

For any average length of the strands, any curlers are suitable: classical, electric curlers, foam rubber, papilotki. For large curls, it is necessary to choose cylinders for curling large diameter. Accordingly, for small mischievous curls - small size.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Winding rules

Curls washed with natural shampoo.
Apply to the wet strands fixing agent for styling (mousse, foam).
Visually divide the head area into zones: temporal, frontal, occipital. It is necessary to start winding the cylinders from the back of the head to the crown; then whiskey, bangs.
When twisting the strand, make sure that the total volume of the strand twisted does not exceed the diameter of the cylinder.
Screw curlers without zalomov: the end of the curl tightly pressed to the cylinder, make a turn around its axis. The tips of the curl should not protrude beyond the edges of the strand. Continue to wind the curl up to the root of the hair.
Observe the twisting angle of the strand relative to the surface of the head - 900.
Remove the curlers after the required amount of time.
Lay curls with the sharp end of a comb or fingers.

How to make curls with hot tongs

When buying a device for waving should pay attention to the diameter of the working area: the thicker the base of the curling, the larger the curl will turn out.

There are curling irons, in the set of which there are nozzles of different diameters. Attention: a metal curler injures the hair structure. The surface must be ceramic.

Winding technology

Wash hair.
Blow dry.
Apply to the curls a protective agent against high temperatures. Let the foam dry. Warning: do not apply before curling hair styling, fixing hair.
Twist the curls from the occipital region, moving in the direction to the bang; then the temporal zone.
The strand at the very tip to fix between the doors curling.
At an angle of 900 to wind the curl on the hot working surface of the forceps.
Check for a crease at the tip of a curled curl.
While curling, hold the forceps steady for fifteen seconds.
Repeat the winding on all strands.
Allow hair to cool for two to three minutes.
Put the curls in your hair.

How to make hair on medium hair: rules of hair

Additional hair volume is created using the technique of hair. Since the appearance of hairstyles, women have tried to visually enlarge their hair. Especially often ladies use thin hair.

In the 21st century the girls began to use an alternative replacement for nachos in order to give volume to locks: hairpieces, wisps of natural hair. An incorrect opinion has arisen: the stuffed one damages the hair structure. With the proper technique of giving volume curls do not suffer. Using the rules to create a pile at home is very simple.

Technique: separate one strand from the main body of hair. At a distance of one centimeter from the scalp, comb the hair with a comb with fine teeth starting from the roots, moving to the tip of the string.
Nachos perform on the inner surface of the curl.
Observe the angle of the hair: 900 from the surface of the head.
For loose hair, he did it only in the area of ​​the crown.
To make it natural: the place of the nape is gently combed with a soft massage 1 to 2 times.
Stiff hair: each strand after a pile is sprayed with a small amount of fixative.

Hairstyles for medium hair


It is not recommended to apply the hair on wet hair.
The volume of the hair should be attached to clean hair.
It is not recommended to wash your hair with a conditioner or a balm before scratching.
You can not unravel the combed curls with your fingers, tear them.
It is not recommended to use the technique of hair more than once a week.

Hairstyles for hair of medium length for every day

Hairstyle for summer "bundle".Laying relevant for the summer season. "Bundle" can be worn daily, for trips to the beach. Hairstyle can be supplemented with an accessory - a beautiful hairpin with rhinestones.

It will take:

Tooth comb
Tight hair tie


Wash hair, dry under a hairdryer.
Comb curls comb.
At the top collect hair in the tail with your hands.
Tail skip through the gum.
Make a revolution with an elastic band around the beam, stretch the tail a second time through the latch: in the end, a free beam of 5-7 cm in height should form. The tips of the tail freely fall on the head.
Twist the harness from the loose ends of the locks.
To wrap bundle bundle, hide tips carefully in a bundle.
Fix tips invisible.
To splash a hairdress a varnish.

Hairstyles for medium hair

"Air beam" on the side


Comb with frequent short teeth


Apply a thermal protective sealant to clean hair.
Curling tongs curl hair into voluminous curls.
Comb a hair comb.
Make airy hair at the base of the hair roots.
Twist the bundle of strands on the occipital region on one side of the hair.
Secure the flagellus with hairpins and hairpins.
Spread the tips of the beam with your fingers.
Sprinkle with varnish.

Evening hairstyles for medium hair

Fashionable haircut "A tall bow of hair."Beautiful hairstyle is performed in several stages.

It will take:

Tight garter for hair


Curls combed.
Gather the hair at the crown.
Secure the tail with a rubber band. When the last strand is passed through the elastic, leave the ends of the hair on the front side of the beam under the retainer. Until the end of the tail does not stretch: you should get a high beam.
Divide the construction into two parts in the form of a bow.
Wrap the ends of the hairs in front and behind them, disguise them under the eraser, and slaughter them with invisibility.
Apply an aerosol fixer to the hairstyle.
Add hair accessory: shiny ribbon around the base of the bow, barrette with rhinestones.

Hairstyles for medium hair

"Roller of braids"

Technique of performance step by step:

Comb clean dry hair.
Make two vertical parting on the left and right. The distance between the partings is 10 cm.
On the left, braid the braid with the French weave until the occipital region.
Fix temporarily rubber band.
Repeat the action on the right side.
Remove the gum, connect the braids at the level of the neck in one thick weave.
Starting from the tip of the braid, make a roller: wind to the top.
Secure the roller with a barrette / stealth / hairpin.
To decorate a hairdress: on a place of fastening of a plaque to pin a hairpin in the form of a bow.

Hairstyles on graduation step by step

The average length of the hair to the shoulders is the best hairstyle for special occasions.

Volumetric braids have always served as an attribute of Russian beauties.

"Crown for the Queen"


Comb with pointed outer tip
Rubber bands

Process technology:

Wash hair, blow dry with a hair dryer.
The whole volume of curls divided into two zones. First: on the top in the form of a “cap”.Secure curls clip. The second: on the edge of the "cap" should remain a bezel from the loose hair.
To the left of the temple of free hair braid French spit. While weaving, evenly add separate curls from the upper part, weave them into the main French “pattern”.
Weave a braid around the head in the form of a crown before the initial point of weaving.
Disguise the tips of the braid inside, fasten for reliability with a small clip / stealth.
To splash a hairdress a varnish.

Hairstyles for medium hair

"Princess from Denmark"

Hair gives volume to hair. The peculiar weaving of the braid looks very impressive. The main method of weaving: crossing strands from the inside of the spit to the bottom.


Hair comb.
Collect the entire volume of hair in a bun at the top.
Secure the tail with a rubber band.
Divide hair into three equal parts.
Weave the braid in the usual way: cross the strands not over the braid, but to the bottom, under the base of the weave.
Fix the ends with an elastic band.
For additional volume on each side of the weave, evenly pull the strands.
Sprinkle your hair with lacquer with reflective particles. Varnish will give a special shine to hair.

"Festive styling for medium hair with hair."Hair done in 20 minutes.


The tip of the comb make a horizontal parting in the occipital region.
On the top of the crown lock the hair temporarily with a hair clip.
The remaining hair is collected in a bun, secure with a rubber band. It should make a tail.
The top half of the tail is combed, sprinkled with a fixative.
Screw the lower half of the tail on the pile in the form of a roller.
Secure roller invisible.
Remove the gum from the top half of the hair at the crown, separate one strand from it.
Make stuffed on top.
Coarsely laid curls to the platen in the occipital region.
From a loose lock weave a classic braid.
Swirl the oblique head, the tip disguised under the top half of the hair.
The bulk of the upper curls twist in a weak harness.
Wrap a lower roller with a rope. Fix with studs.
Sprinkle your hair with lacquer with reflective particles.

Wedding hairstyles: rules for choosing a holiday styling

A few rules will help the bride not to get lost and choose the right wedding hairstyle.

It is not recommended to change the color of the hair before the wedding, you can discolor the curls a few days before the celebration.
For a fresh look, choose a light tone for the curls.
Dark shades of curls add a couple of extra years.
Women over 30 years old are not recommended to cut their bangs and close their foreheads.
Hair weaves look brighter on blond hair.
Highly charming girls are advised to choose high hairstyles; tall - falling curly locks.
Ladies with curvy shapes are recommended hairstyles with large curls.


A wedding is a special celebration where a girl should look as elegant and romantic as possible. Weak sex at all times, tried to imitate the French women - elegant charmers, which combined glamor, chic, elegance.

The peculiarity of the hairdress "Frenchwoman": fixing the hair is due to the usual threads and a special plastic needle with a wide eyelet.


Linen thread to tone hair
Plastic needle
Water spray bottle

How to make a haircut:

It is recommended to wash the head 24 hours before installation.
Dampen hair, dry under a stream of hot air.
Beat strands with your hands.
Apply to the curls means to protect against high temperatures (spray, foam).
Using curling irons, make curls all over the head, retreating from the roots of 5 cm.
The width of the strands is no more than three centimeters.
Straighten the curled hair with your fingers. It is not recommended to use a comb.
Sprinkle the base under the hair with a small amount of lock.
With one hand to collect hair in a bun in the neck.
With the other hand, take a needle with a thread, sew strands in random order.
Loops of yarn tightly tighten.
If fallen strands were formed due to uneven hair length - fix them with stealth tones.
To fix a hairdress with a varnish.

Hairstyles for medium hair

"Bride from Greece"

Hair in the Greek style will add to the bride's natural lightness, divine beauty, a special mystery. Styling is suitable for all types of hair, face, shape.

The basis of the Greek hairstyle - curly locks. On the eve of the wedding, wind the hair on foam rollers. If this option is excluded, curls can be screwed on the day of the celebration with the help of curling irons. Attention: it is recommended to wash your head the day before laying.

After the curls have turned into gorgeous waves, make a haircut in the area of ​​the crown.To put on a head a narrow decorative bandage, decorated with beads, rhinestones, precious stones.
On both sides, pick up the curls, the ends of which are hidden under the ribbon.
In the nape of the head to collect wavy strands in a bundle, evenly distribute the locks under the tape so that a bulk roller appears on the back of the head.
Fix the tape in several places by invisibility in the tone of the hair.
Hairstyle sprinkle with varnish.

Greek styling can be decorated on one side of the hair with gentle lilies, ribbons, threads with large pearls.