Hair lightening

Hello Tatiana! Please tell me what to do! I recently tried to lighten up, but as a result my hair color began to resemble an orange tint. Tell me how to be? And what if I paint in light blonde, I will be able to get rid of this unwanted redhead?


Good afternoon. This question. rather, to the hairdresser, since I do not dye. You can consult Galina - a wonderful master ashakova_galina (skype)


Buy a special shampoo-remover, it helps a lot to fight with yellowness after clarification. Do not overdo it only in use. Once a week is enough.

It doesn’t matter absolutely. If your husband / boyfriend says something against, it means he does not have a real relationship with you. If you like, then take any. Although drunk, even with a fruit orchard on your head, it does not matter

It is necessary in the salon, to a good specialist, so that he picked up the color

Yes, only in the cabin you get the desired color, you will not lighten it up

in the salon it is necessary to be painted, they know what powder and toner will not allow reddish.