Hair dressing: how to wear?

The hair band is a very popular accessory. It can be seen not only on the representatives of the western beau monde, but even on old photographs of Russian aristocrats. However, not everyone knows how to make hair with a bandage. In order for your hairstyle to look neat and spectacular, you must be able to clearly distinguish the styles of different types of headbands.

Before you figure out how to tie a hair bandage, you should clarify what types they are. And so, the bandages are in the form of a chain, thin, elastic, leather, fabric and wool, with or without a clasp.

Hair dressing

Leather bandages

Chain or leather bands are great for hippie and casual. They perfectly decorate a short haircut. A long leather dressing for hair can emphasize the beauty of flowing long hair. How to wear a bandage? Best of all - in the middle of the forehead, above the ears. Braided narrow leather bandages on the hair, decorated with flowers or rhinestones, perfectly fit into the glamorous image.

Elastic bandages

Elastic hair bands are considered the most popular. They are very functional and comfortable. It should be noted that girls with low forehead need to be careful when putting elastic bandages on their foreheads. In this case, the best option for the location of the dressing is to place it slightly above the hairline. And owners of high forehead should wear a bandage directly above the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, or closer to the crown. This type of dressing is comfortable to wear with a hairstyle, which implies the absence of bangs, as well as smoothly combed hair. However, such a bandage for hair with bangs will also be a winning option. In this case, it will need to be fixed at the very beginning of the bang. Thus, the bandage will securely fix the bangs and give the image a graphic look. Similarly, can be worn in the cold season and wool bandages for hair.

Cloth Bandages

For special occasions, cloth bandages with a fastener are most often used. Narrow satin, decorated with beads and rhinestones, fabric headbands will be able to decorate the bride's head, complement the high evening hairstyle and fix the strands that are in artistic disarray. Fabric dressings are wide and narrow.A wide bandage can serve as a silk scarf, which should be tied up on the forehead at the border of hair growth. Also, a handkerchief can decorate and hair over the bangs, while fixing themselves invisible on the nape.

Fabric dressing for hair

To create a bright and catchy hairstyle, almost any dressing for hair is perfect. Photo hairstyles can be easily found on the Internet. You will need only to repeat the image you like.

Headbands in the Greek style

In recent times, Greek-style hairstyles have become very popular. To create them requires bandage-gum. Learn how to braid your hair.

  • Method number 1. It is necessary to collect part of the hair from both sides, securing beautifully curls with a barrette. After that you should decorate your hair with a bandage. If you wish, you can change this model by collecting all the hair in the tail and slightly letting it go to your forehead so that the hairstyle is not “licked”. You can also carelessly fasten wavy locks from the tail at the top with hairpins, and put a bandage on the front.
  • Method number 2. It is necessary to make a vertical parting on the head, then put a thin bandage on the head. Next, you will need to wrap the hair in the flagella on each side, wrapping them under the bandage.In this case, we should not forget to fix ready flagella stealth. Thus, the remaining curls behind can be left flowing down or collected in a chaotic manner and stabbed.

Greek style hair band

Whatever type of dressing you choose, do not forget that it should fit your style and be appropriate in one way or another. You can put a leather bracelet on your hand in addition to a leather bandage, and a thin, discreet silver bracelet is perfect for a fabric ribbon in your hair.