Guys like girls without make-up, so why do we still paint ourselves?

Once a year, studies that men prefer naturalness come to light: for example, in March, Google Facts shared data from a certain survey, which showed that guys supposedly like it more when there is a minimum of makeup on a girl. We have known about these preferences for a long time, but we ourselves don’t go on about men's desires: if you look at last year’s contouring boom and top Instagram bloggers, then it becomes clear that we don’t just like to paint - we love laborious, intense and complex makeup. What is the reason? There are at least 8 of them!

Because it is the oldest tradition that was followed by men

For example, if you recall a military coloring or tribal drawings - this is after all the same makeup, but without division by gender. Make-up existed at all times, and it was not always associated with the tool for seducing men.Shakespeare also spoke with the words of Hamlet Ophelia: “God gives you women one face, and you draw a completely different face on top of it”.