Festival "Golden Pyramid": 11 novice poets read their poems

I Music and Poetry Festival ended with Poetry Day. From the stage of the Charlie Gold show-bar of the Sovremennik cinema complex there were rhymes.
Novice poets, presenters and jury members
Photo: Roman Mishur
Presenters of the festival Ksenia Vovikina and David Kuruma
Jury members of the Day of Poetry at the Golden Pyramid Festival
Photo: Roman Mishur

At the beginning of the event, many thought that they had come to relax, sit down and listen to budding poets, but this was not the case. Many works were so loud and shrill that they plunged into the thoughtfulness of even the most cheerful guest. For example, here are the lines from the poem by Vera Doroshina “It’s hard to be God, it’s even harder to be a man ...”. She became the owner of the grand prix of the festival.

2nd place. Announced Vladimir Lesin. Some of his "notes" of Mayakovsky were seen in his "vital" works. The loud voice of Vladimir, which sounded from the stage, it was impossible not to hear, and it was impossible not to grasp the essence of his poems.But, unfortunately, by the time of summing up, the budding poet has already left, and according to the rules of the festival - the winner must be in place. The next by the number of points that the competent jury presented to the contestants was followed by Victoria Kalyashina.

The jury was bribed by the sincerity of the images of the young poetess Ksenia Mosina, who took the 3rd place.

Ekaterina Rylina, an aspiring poetess and editor-in-chief of the glossy SD magazine, won the audience award. It was her debut at such events, before that, according to Catherine, she “wrote to the table”.

The Penza poets will also be quoted outside the Sura region - this is gratifying! The festival has become interregional. Elena Kalyakina came to Penza from Saratov to acquaint listeners with their works and to learn the opinion of professionals. The audience liked her piercing love lyrics very much - the girl broke the applause and won the audience award.

The festival is over, but the Golden Pyramid art project is not finished. Be creative! Get involved!

In February, we will see the annual award of the brightest participants of the project for 2016.