Give honey to your beloved women!

Give honey to your favorite women!

From year to year before men there is a question - what to present to the beloved woman, mother, daughter, grandmother on March, 8th? For a gift to be both useful and carry the message from the giver? The repetition of banal options with cosmetics and electronic gadgets are pretty tired. How to make your gift constantly used and remembered you, feeling pleasant feelings? There is a non-trivial answer to this question. A great gift for March 8th is honey. And the more the better. At first glance, the decision seems strange, because it is not customary to give cheese, sausage and other food, why is honey appropriate? And the fact is that this product is not at all ordinary, and, like a good book, has a hidden meaning and subtle nuances. He is deeply symbolic. Let's talk about that.

Symbol of active male love

The profession of a beekeeper from time immemorial for all nations was and remains masculine. For he is a carpenter, a carpenter, a guard, and a builder.Long hard work stands behind amber drops of a sweet product. And in the old days picking up wild honey - beekeeping was also dangerous. Therefore, honey, as well as hunting prey, is considered the traditional result of male work. It symbolizes your difficult and productive work for the benefit of a loved one.

Symbol of caring for children and parents.

The bee colony is one of the symbols of domestic well-being. Working bees, circling over millions of flowers, collect nectar and feed their larvae and the hive queen, the uterus, with honey. This gift emphasizes respect for the older person, your care for him, as well as tireless work for the benefit of your children.

Deep spiritual meaning

In all world religions, honey is considered a pure product and symbolizes divine food, the holy word, heavenly bliss. It is an indispensable part of landmark events in a person’s life. Honey-based ritual dishes accompany a person for the rest of his life - when he is born, married, on holy days, and - until his last breath. When you give honey - you emphasize your spiritual kinship with the gifted person.This sweet product has always been one of the main dishes of the wedding table. No wonder the first period after the wedding is called "honeymoon." Therefore, this gift you emphasize the immutability of their love.

Good relations at the physiological level

In addition to the spiritual and symbolic meaning, donated honey creates a connection at the level of physiology between you and the person who received this gift. When eating sweet, the production of "hormones of happiness" - endorphins - increases, and at the same time a person remembers that the eaten honey is received as a gift from you. Thus, your image is associated with pleasant sensations and the attitude to you is improved. In principle, all sweets have this property (that's why they are given), but, unlike a box of chocolates, honey is not eaten in a couple of days and maintains this effect for a long time.

Well, the most important thing. What do we wish to whom we give? Of course - health and happiness! And all this is in this amber delicacy.