Gerbera flower: home care

Gerbera flower: home careGerbera is a herbaceous ornamental flowering plant of the Asteraceae family. Mostly heat-loving plant growing in South America, India, Mongolia, China, Japan, southern African regions. Gerbera flower is used as a window sill pot plant and as a loggia gardening. Like every flower, gerbera requires special personal care. Details on how to care for a gerbera at home, can be found below.

How to care for a gerbera: lighting

This flower needs direct bright sunlight and often ventilated room. In the summer, it is best to take the plant to the balcony, often airing it. In winter, it should be artificially illuminated, maintaining the temperature of air and soil in the region of 20-25 degrees. Then the flower will continue its flowering. If the plant will be in conditions with a temperature of 10-15 degrees less and with limited watering, the gerbera in the pot will stop blooming and will be at rest.

Watering - gerbera care in a pot

Gerbera is very capricious in caring for himself not only in lighting, it is also important to water the plant. It is necessary to water a flower copiously every day all year round and always with warm water (at least 20 degrees). Spraying of leaves should also be frequent with a similar temperature of water. It is not recommended to water with cold water in a room with high air temperature. Such a contrast can spoil the plant, and your gerberas in pots will die.Gerbera flower: home care

Gerbera room: care and transplantation

Replace the flower should be at the beginning of spring. For transplantation are required:

  • leaf earth;
  • sand;
  • sphagnum (moss).

These components should be used in a proportion of 2: 1: 1. It is not recommended to add humus or compost to the soil. The soil must be neutral, the earth for indoor plants will be good. In pruning the plant does not need.Gerbera flower: home care

Top dressing of a gerbera flower: care in house conditions

Such a fastidious plant requires frequent feeding - 3-4 times a month with mineral fertilizers. The best option is a complex of mineral fertilizers with a full range of trace elements.In the period of active vegetation, regular supplementation is necessary to improve growth, good flowering, strengthen the immunity of the flower.Gerbera flower: home care

Gerbera - home care, avoiding diseases and pests

To find out how to care for a gerbera in a pot without exposing it to heavy herbal ailments, let's look at their sources. The most common are the following diseases and parasites:

  • whitefly (an insect that feeds on plant juices, is a serious quarantine pest);
  • powdery mildew (a fungal disease caused by a variety of microscopic fungi — parasites, including the whitefly);
  • a red spider mite (a small seasonal insect that also feeds on plant sap);
  • Fusarium (a disease of cultivated, wild plants, caused by Fisariun mushrooms);
  • phytophthora (disease of plants, pathogen - oomycete of the genus Phytophthora).

About the appearance of a fungal disease on the flower indicate:

  • excessive watering;
  • weak immunity;
  • soil stagnation of moisture.

In order to avoid the sad consequences of the plant and the air should be periodically sprayed with a spray with a fine stream, so that the leaves do not form drops.