George Martin explains why he kills the main characters of Game of Thrones

“And suddenly Gandalf dies! - recalls his emotions George Martin, when he was 13 years old. “You can't take Gandalf like that and kill him!” After all, Conan does not die in books about Conan! Tolkien violated this rule, it shocked me and influenced all my work. " “I began to kill characters in the most unexpected moments,” the writer continues to tell. “It made the story more tense, the reader lost his peace of mind, knowing that by the end of the book anyone could die ...”

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But Alan Taylor and Jeremy Podesva in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter were not so frank. When asked how John Snow and Deyneris Targarien could succumb to passion, if they are relatives, the directors left the answer, hinting only that the characters do not quite understand what the consequences are for them! Fans of the series immediately suggested that by “consequences” is meant a child who will be born to a couple.