Gas boilers

Gas boilers are an effective means of space heating due to the relative cheapness of the coolant, ease of use of the device and high automation of the heating process. In addition to heating circulating water, the main function of gas boilers is the automatic ignition of a gas burner when gas enters or stops its supply in the absence of a heating process.

In some cases, a single-circuit boiler is sufficient for heating, which provides room heating, but in a domestic environment, dual-circuit devices are preferred, which additionally heat water for hot water supply. For these purposes, an additional heating circuit is added to the boiler, which heats the water solely for domestic use. Such devices are somewhat more expensive than single-circuit stakes, but their price is justified by their functionality, as well as more economical gas consumption, due to its post-combustion in a special heat exchange chamber.

The most practical are wall-mounted boilers, which save space in the room and provide easy access for management, repair and connection. In addition, wall-mounted boilers are usually equipped with additional devices, such as a circulation pump, an expansion tank and a control unit, which ensures their autonomy and safety. You can buy them in many online stores. For example, in the water heaters department of a Wikimarket store, almost the entire range that is generally available for sale is represented here.

Cost-effective devices are considered to be bithermic heat exchangers in which the pipe performs the dual function of heating water for heating and household needs. This is possible thanks to the special “pipe in pipe” design, which allows combining the purpose of the heat exchanger and speeding up the heating of water.

Another type of heating appliance for heating is condensing boilers that use the energy that is released during the condensation of steam released by the temperature difference. In order to achieve maximum condensation, such boilers are connected to floor heating systems or rooms that provide maximum cooling of the incoming water.Condensation boilers are somewhat more expensive than ordinary ones, but more productive, and in addition they allow to achieve significant gas savings.