Garage for machine sleeves

Undoubtedly, children are a great happiness! But sometimes this happiness asks to buy him a lot of things at once, especially on the eve of holidays. And just recently, my eldest four-year-old son, first seeing the advertisements for Hot Wheels on TV, and then the recruitment itself in the store, begs us to buy it. This very desirable set is a garage for small cars with slides and it costs almost 13,000 rubles. For our family, the amount is not small and after some thought, I decided to build my son in a similarity garage from scrap materials available at home. For this we need:
  • shoe box, preferably a nursery ;
  • toilet paper sleeves;
  • colored paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • compasses or 2 glasses of different diameters;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • stickers or cards for decoration.
We take the box from children's shoes, but it doesn’t matter, you can use any other box, just from the children’s box oh shoe cover onthe box is conveniently closed and performs the function of garage doors.  Garage for the machines from the bushes
Next we take the sleeves from the toilet paper, which we prudently collected for several months. But you can make them yourself from a thick cardboard.  Garage for the machines from the bushes And we insert the bushes in staggered order in the open box from under the shoes. In our box, five rows of four sleeves in each turned out. Total 20 places for machines.
 Garage for the machines from the bushes
To the sleeves do not fall out, you can glue them together, but not necessarily. Tip: In order for the cars not to roll down it is necessary that there is free space at the bottom of the garage, that is, cardboard sleeves must be less than the width of the box. Now we will decorate our future garage for cars a little. In our shoe box we bought felt boots for our son and, as can be seen in the photos, it is so bright and beautiful, but it will not hurt to decorate it a little. Especially since the next New Year is coming soon and we all know that its symbol is the Rooster.Therefore, I, having searched a little in my card collection, found a card presented to me by a friend 12 years ago with roosters. We’ll use it to decorate the garage.
 Garage for machines from sleeves
The box has Chinese characters, which we will glue with PVA glue cut from the postcard cockerels.
Garage for machines from sleeves
And paste the phrase "Happy New Year!". These are the gates of the beautiful garage, which we did.
 Garage for the machines from the bushes
Then on top of the box will do two helipads. Since, in addition to small machines, my son still has small airplanes. To do this, take glasses or mugs of different diameters and draw pencils on the reverse side of yellow colored paper and draw circles small and large. You can draw a compass, as it is more convenient to whom.
 Garage for machines from bushings
And in these circles we draw the big letter N.And carefully cut with scissors.
 Garage for machines from sleeves
Next, cut out a rectangle from blue colored paper to fit the top of our garage for machines. And glue it first, and then on top of our yellow circles and letters, as shown in the next photo.
 Garage for machines from sleeves
Garage for bushes
There are a lot of little machines for my son, and from Kinder's eggs, surprises, and from sets, and so simply donated. These are only the first eyes we have met.
 Garage for the machines from the bushes
Well, now the most interesting - we begin to fill our garage. To play at his entrance, you can put a small barrier and a gas station. In general, this is the kind of garage for small machines with helipads that we got.
 Garage for typewriters from sleeves
The child was just happy when he saw and started play with him.My son said that I would definitely make him one more such garage, otherwise many cars do not fit, they don’t sleep on the street. Love and delight your children, because sometimes it is not necessary to have a lot of money to make them happy. Congratulations to all on the upcoming New Year!