Plum Seed Christmas Tree

Necessary materials and equipment: • plastic wine glass under the base and two legs; • natural material (plum and apricot stones, or peach); • decorative material (colored glass, beads, chains, sequins, etc.); • glue gun and glue sticks; • gold paint spray; • nail polish with glitter; • glossy varnish spray; • • natural yarn and lurex yarn. 1. Prepare the necessary materials. If necessary, wash and dry the bones. Plastic base - glass degrease.
 Prepare the necessary materials
2. On the base, starting from the bottom, glue the plum bones. Glue the stones tightly to each other. For the lower row we use larger bones, and so on in descending order. For convenience, I pre-lay the bones in size. We glue the next row of stones tightly to the previous row in a checkerboard pattern. We continue to glue the bones, watching the uniformity of the rows.Having reached the top, we paste the bones, directing them upwards. After removing the resulting glue spider.
 glue the bones
 glue the bones
 glue the bones
3. For the Christmas stand we use two legs from plastic wine glasses. We degrease the legs and glue them together with narrow ends, reinforcing them from the inside with a rod. We are waiting for the glue to grip well. Then we decorate the leg of the tree with natural color yarn or jute cord. Glueing the plastic leg with glue, row by row, glue the yarn in a circle. 4. The tree of plum stones has already dried up by that time, now it can be painted. If you paint with spray paint from a can, you need to go outside (on the balcony or in the courtyard). I use a quick-drying acrylic spray paint. It dries quickly and does not smell so much. After the paint has dried, we join the tree to the stand. Apply glue on the circumference of the upper side of the rack and on the lower edge of the plastic glass. We connect, tightly pressing. Now we see what a fluffy beauty we have turned out.
Glueing a plastic foot with glue
 we wrap a leg
you can paint the leg

5. We proceed to the manufacture of sprockets. To do this, you can use the same plum stones, and you can apply a ready-made purchase. For homemade, we lay out 5-6 seeds in a circle like a flower. In the center we drip glue and let it dry. Then turn the asterisk and drip glue on the other side. Give the glue to dry. We paint a star from a can or a nail polish of a suitable color. Give dry and gently glue to the top of the Christmas tree.
 Start making stars
 We start making an asterisk
We are starting to make an asterisk
6. Now we proceed to the most interesting stage - we decorate the Christmas tree.For this we use cute trinkets - beads, glass, sequins, chains - in general, whatever your heart and taste. I used beads in the form of pearls of a color scale close to natural. I also added a few snowflake shaped sequins - after all, a Christmas tree. She let the Lurex thread in several turns so as not to overload. Starlet also decorated with snowflakes to hide bonding errors. At the base of the star, where she was fastening it to the tree, she also glued the beads - as if the tree had put on beads (also concealed the binding sins). Having finished the work, I do not stop looking at my beautiful Christmas tree. She is my only one.