Films that sneak to tears

Crying is sometimes helpful for relieving stress. We picked up films, while watching which even the most discreet phlegmatic person will tear.


The film by Boris Khlebnikov won the Grand Prix at the recent “Kinotavr” and is standing in line for the upcoming Oscar.
The picture "Arrhythmia" could be a romantic comedy, at least, this was the original task of the scriptwriters Boris Khlebnikov and Natalya Meshchaninova. But, having retained some elements of the romcom, the story turned out and went away in the direction of the melodrama.
Katya and Oleg are doctors. Katya works in the emergency room, Oleg - in the ambulance. They are funny and almost beggars, like students. They drink a lot, they work wildly. Once Kate wrote Oleg sms: "We need to get a divorce." Two good, but infantile people divided the tiny rented apartment in half and tried to live on. "Arrhythmia" can even with the most disappointed viewers revive the faith in the national cinema: Khlebnikov has shot a living, nervous, human cinema, in which there is absolutely no pathos, but much warmth.

"Blame the Stars"

The girl Hazel (Shailene Woodley) is slowly dying of lung cancer. During a support group meeting, she meets a confident young boy Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) who has taken leave of a basketball career because of osteosarcoma.
Heroes begin to make friends and fall in love. Despite the fact that death is watching around the corner, Hazel and Augustus find the strength to enjoy life.

"Dog life"

The list of touching films about dogs (“White Bim Black Ear”, “Hachiko”, “Marley and I”) included another drama, tearing the soul to shreds. “Dog's Life” is a penetrating film about several canine “reincarnations” from the point of view of a dog.

Director Lasse Hallstrom (he shot and “Hachiko”) filmed a book by Bruce Cameron, in which the dog remembers its past lives. First, the tailed hero was a street dog, then a retriever with a boy owner Eaton, then a police shepherd dog, then a corgi in a loving family, he finally became a dog who lived near Eton's house, and then they met ...

"Dancing in the Dark"

Even if you are desperate, music may sound around ... The blind emigre Selma (Bjork) works in a factory to raise money for an operation to a vision-losing son.Once she finds herself in a hopeless situation, commits a crime that will lead to the most sentimental ending in the history of cinema.
While watching the tape of Lars von Trier, even in harsh men tears run, for which the director is accused of manipulation and play with emotions. Perhaps it is, but the audience acquisition from this film is not the active work of the lacrimal glands, but that same catharsis, which is the goal of any art.

"Society of dead poets"

In a conservative college, the teacher John Kitting (Robin Williams) appears, who infects students with his inspired stories about literature and becomes their guide and mentor in the world of the artistic word. The guys organize a secret "Society of Dead Poets" and try to find their own voice. The world of one of the students, who dreams of becoming an actor, collapses because of the disagreement of parents with his choice. Tragedy changes each of the members of the Society of Dead Poets, but Kitting will forever remain for them those who can be called: “O captain, my captain!”


The screen version of the eponymous bestseller Bernhard Schlink directed by Stephen Daldry.Schoolboy Michael met a thirty-six-year-old Hannah and fell in love. They had a short summer, during which Michael read Hannah out loud, and she with pleasure absorbed every line. Once she disappeared, and the next time Michael saw this woman eight years later in the dock during a demonstration trial of Nazi criminals.
For Hannah Schmitz's impressive role, Kate Winslet received an honored Oscar, showing the insecurity and strength of her character, bitterness, fear and guilt, which received a life sentence in her soul.

"Forrest Gump"

The iconic role of Tom Hanks in one of the best films of Robert Zemeckis.
Forrest, a man of a not too distant mind, but with a broad soul and a kind heart, passes through all the important events of his time, influencing them. The boy Forrest teaches the as yet unknown Elvis Presley famously to swing his hips in the dance, plays excellent football at the university, shakes hands with Kennedy, fights in Vietnam, participates in an anti-war rally, plays cool tennis, shakes hands with Nixon, catches shrimps, becomes a millionaire, runs through the whole country and all this time loves his Jenny (Robin Wright).

"Knockin 'on Heaven"

Martin and Rudy, who learned that they are incurably sick, decided to steal a car and make all their dreams come true. Sleep with two girls, give a pink Cadillac to my mother, see the sea ... On the way to these goals, the road to the sickly adventurers is blocked by the mafia, but the heroes have nothing left to do, but to go forward to the sea to eventually reach heaven. More precisely, as one Nobel laureate sang, knockin ’on heaven’s door.