Fighting flies (sticky tape and all that)

1) on a glass of water take 1 g of saccharin and 10 g of honey. Saturate the paper with this compound and dry it. When using, put the paper in a plate and moisten with water,
2) take 40 g of sugar per half cup of milk and add 40 g of black pepper powder. Soak the paper with this mixture,
3) make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of formalin, 5 tablespoons of sweet water and 3 tablespoons of milk. Pour the mixture into plates, and put a piece of bread in the middle,
4) dissolve DDT powder or hexachlorane with water and wipe the walls and windows of rooms, restrooms, garbage with liquid with the resulting liquid boxes. Treatment with DDT lasts up to 3 months, and hexachloran is somewhat less.
It is recommended to alternate both drugs, otherwise the fly's organism adapts and the new brood poisons do not act.
Houseflies fear the smell of tansy; If you place this plant in the room, the flies will fly away.
You can also get rid of insects in homes with the help of carnivorous plants.Plants that catch insects do not require special care. Especially effective as fly hunters are sundew, chicken and Venus flycatcher. He who is afraid of toxic chemicals and considers "unaesthetic" Velcro, can try to get rid of unwanted guests in your home, putting on the windowsill pots of plants-hunters
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You can also make sticky tape to kill flies. To do this, put 30 g of rosin and 20 g of castor oil in an iron jar, put the jar in hot water and heat until the contents melt. Add a little honey or jam to the resulting mass, then spread the brush on a thick paper.
Here are some more recipes for sticky compositions:
1. 200 g of rosin, 50 g of turpentine, 100 g of castor oil, 50 g of sugar syrup or molasses;
2. 300 g of rosin, 200 g of flaxseed oil, 60 g of honey;
3. 300 g of pine resin, 150 g of linseed oil, 10 g of wax, 50 g of honey or sugar syrup;
4.400 rosins, 100 g of crude honey, 200 g of castor, machine or petrolatum oil, 40 g of glycerin.
All these mixtures are prepared according to a single principle: resin or rosin is melted in a water bath, other components are added and hot applied to paper.