Features of fasting days on cottage cheese

To keep fit and have a slim body, you can periodically arrange fasting days. And one of the options - cottage cheese. Find out what it can be, and who it fits.

Why cottage cheese?

Curd fasting day is not only an important step towards harmony, but also a guarantee of good health. There are several reasons for this:

  • Cottage cheese contains a significant amount of calcium, necessary for strengthening hair, nails, bones and teeth.
  • This product is a source of protein needed to strengthen muscle tissue, as well as the formation of new healthy cells.
  • Milk fat is useful because it promotes the absorption of certain nutrients, for example, vitamin A.
  • Even a small portion of cottage cheese will give a feeling of satiety for a few hours, which will allow you not to experience hunger and not overeat.
  • The cottage cheese contains a unique amino acid, methionine, which helps to restore the liver, as well as accelerates metabolic processes and burns fat deposits.

For whom curd fasting day is not suitable?

Although cottage cheese is very useful, its use in increased quantities, which implies a fasting day, is not always appropriate. There are contraindications, which include acute or severe chronic renal failure, intestinal obstruction, ulcers or gastritis in the acute stage, as well as lactase deficiency, that is, intolerance to milk protein.

Tip: you should not arrange a fasting day on the cottage cheese, if you do not like this fermented milk product and even more so you feel disgust for it. Nothing but unpleasant emotions, you will not get.

Variants of curd unloading day

How to make fasting curd day? There are lots of different options, so you can definitely choose the most suitable for you and enjoyable:

  1. The simplest and at the same time rigorous version is the use of cottage cheese alone. Up to 600 grams of this product can be eaten per day by dividing the volume into several meals. Also it is possible and it is necessary to drink water, best non-carbonated ordinary or mineral. Her daily amount should be about 1500-1700 ml.
  2. If you are afraid that you will experience hunger, then arrange the day on the cottage cheese and kefir, which can be replaced with yogurt or milk. Each product will need 500 grams.
  3. To make the fasting day more enjoyable and satisfying, choose a banana curd option. The daily rate includes 400-500 grams of cottage cheese and three bananas. You can separate these products, use them together or even mix them in a blender.
  4. If you like apples, include such fruits on the fasting day. You can afford 400-500 grams of cottage cheese and 800-1000 grams of apples, and preferably not the sweetest. If desired, you can chop the fruit and add them to the fermented milk product.
  5. A perfect addition to cottage cheese will be a pumpkin. Each product can be consumed 500 grams a day. Pumpkin can be stewed, boiled, steamed or baked in the oven, but without sugar (you can use a pinch of cinnamon or lemon juice as additives).
  6. If the day promises to be difficult, pamper your body with 100 grams of dried fruit added to 500 g of cottage cheese. You can use raisins, figs, dates, dried apricots or prunes, but without adding sugar.
  7. If you can not eat in a pure form sour grainy cottage cheese, then in each serving, add a small spoonful of low-fat sour cream. The total amount should not exceed 500-600 grams.
  8. A delicious and healthy supplement will be berries, for example, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries. Add them to cottage cheese for saturation with vitamins and giving a pleasant taste.
  9. Cottage cheese will become more pleasant and sweet, if you add a teaspoon of natural non-sugared honey to each of its 200-gram portions.
  10. In the season of watermelons, you can use them. In a day it is allowed to eat 400-500 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and the same amount of watermelon.
  11. Add the main fermented milk product with oranges or tangerines in the amount of 300 or 400 grams. Moreover, this option is suitable if you do not suffer from gastritis with high acidity, as citrus and dairy products increase it.
  12. For those who are not delighted with cottage cheese, a mixed fasting day will do. Breakfast consists of 100 grams of oatmeal, a second breakfast is made up of 50 grams of dried fruit, lunch is made from two low-calorie vegetables (for example, cucumbers or tomatoes), and dinner is made from two small savory fruits.100 g of cottage cheese are added to each intake.

Important rules and tips

To make the curd fasting day as useful, pleasant and effective as possible, follow a few rules and tips:

  • You should not choose low-fat cottage cheese: even nutritionists consider it practically useless. Optimum fat content - 4-5%. But if the product is more than 9% fat, then to maintain weight, it just does not fit.
  • It is important to use natural and quality curd, which includes only whole milk and lactic acid bacteria (leaven).
  • It is recommended to arrange curd unloading day no more than once a week.
  • Monitor your condition and reaction. If you feel discomfort, stomach pain, bloating and other unpleasant symptoms, then most likely, the product does not suit you.
  • If you regularly organize cottage cheese-free days, but eat fatty and unhealthy food, you will not achieve positive results. Therefore, adhere to the principles of healthy eating. In addition, it is better to prepare for the "unloading", in front of her using light foods. Getting out of a kind of one-day diet should be gradual, so the next day, too, do not abuse fat, sweet and flour.
  • If you are wondering how much you can lose in the considered unloading, then everything will depend on the initial weight, lifestyle and individual characteristics of the organism. On average, the loss ranges from 300 to 600-800 grams.

Cottage cheese is useful and nutritious, and it is ideal for maintaining slimness, if you regularly arrange fasting days on this product.

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