Every third Russian believes in the victory of the national team over Croatia: poll

Already this Saturday, July 7, our players will fight to reach the semifinals at the World Championships - 2018.

Last week, our country exulted. Thanks to the penalty shootout, the Russian team defeated Spain, one of the strongest teams, which ensured the continuation of the game at the World Cup 2018. And while Dziuba, Smolov, Akinfeev and others are preparing for the game with Croatia, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) recognized the mood people on the streets just before the expected match. And, admittedly, the forecasts of the majority of respondents turned out to be very optimistic.

Photo: Getty Images

We should start with the fact that the interest in football among Russians at the beginning of this month increased by8%!If at the end of the month the World Cup was only interested in62%interviewed, now their number has increased to70%.

As for the game of Russia with Spain, almost half of Russian fans believed in the victory of our football players -46%. Meanwhile29%admitted that they were rooting for ours, but did not expect them to win; a22%counted on a draw.

And if we talk about the next match of Russia with Croatia, then every third respondent (33%) I am sure that here we will be the first. Furthermore,15%Russians believe that our players will reach the final, and17%and at all hope that Russia will become the world champion in football.