Egg Bag

In many families, it is customary to give each other Easter eggs. As you know, any gift should be packaged properly. Therefore, we offer you a simple way to make a beautiful egg bag with your own hands. Making such an article with children is not difficult. All materials and tools are ordinary and you will definitely find a home for any hostess. 1. Materials and tools: • Tablecloths. • Glue. • • Scissors. • • Paillettes. • • Stapler.

2. Cut out a rectangular piece of cloth measuring 7 cm by 10 cm. This detail is the future bag for the Easter egg.  fleece
3. We fold it in half and fasten with a stapler. You can use threads with a needle and just sew a bag. It's easier and safer for a child to use a stapler, only to do it surely under the supervision of adults.  stapler staples 4. We turn out the pouch and cut out the small triangles.
5.Glue various sequins.
6. Put the egg inside and admire the cute Easter egg bag.
 Egg bag
7. If there are no suitable sequins, then you can use buttons or cut flowers from the same fabric. Or use another decoration option. Cut two eggs yellow and pink. And also use the triangles that remained from cutting the top of the bag.
 Sack for eggs
8. Glue the triangles in any order on the eggs from the fabric.
 Bag for eggs
9. Decorate the elements with an adhesive on the bag for an Easter egg.
 Pouch for eggs