Education of healthy habits

Education of healthy habitsFostering healthy habits. I can only say with confidence that persons with complementary psychological problems unmistakably find each other. I do not know how, but it's true. The daughter of an alcoholic is able to find in the crowd of prosperous men a single alcoholic. She immediately feels attracted to him. And if the alcoholic (even potential) to run into a room full of women, he immediately starts courting the co-dependent lady. A woman inclined to submissive obedience will calculate her commander without any psychological tests. A look, chills running down your back, an unexpected surge of energy is a signal: here it is!


But if a person abandons the usual patterns of behavior, the picture changes dramatically.


Fostering healthy habits. Gradually, the unhealthy craving goes away completely. Healthy habits become a way of life. Sensing a taste of healthy behavior, people do not tend to return to the old schemes. I'll draw an analogy: imagine a man accustomed to fast food.If he decides to change his habits and switch to healthy food, he will soon begin to turn back from fatty meat pies. Fresh vegetable salads - that's what will be for him a true delight.


Take care of your internal problems, and you will see: a clearly expressed leader, from one glance at which you recently had a sweet dizziness, now your nausea causes you to feel nauseous. So what do you need to do?


First - see the whole picture and identify the schemes by which you act. Then you will stop following them automatically. Then use the principles and suggestions. Be sure to take care of the support team. The following are examples of unhealthy behaviors that a person constantly reproduces.


1. You are attracted to a specific person. In seeking his attention, you forget about everything - instead of developing relationships without prejudice to your life.


2. If a partner attracts you strongly, you gradually lose yourself - completely submitting to someone else's will, desires and attitudes.


3. Someone really likes you. But, instead of showing initiative and developing relationships, you are retreating.You are ashamed to openly show yourself to attract the attention of this person.


4. You meet a person who you like. But if a tiny cloud appears on the horizon (for example, the partner will say that he has other plans for the evening), or one of the meetings will take place somewhat strained - you immediately drop it.


5. You start dating a person you like. But the closer you learn it, the more you see minor flaws in your chosen one. This plunges you into complete disappointment, and you give it a turn away from the gate.


6. You start dating and quickly go beyond the reasonable limits of physical intimacy.


7. You really like some kind of person. But if he shows a reciprocal interest, your ardor immediately goes out.


8. You notice a lot of flaws in a woman (man), and understand that she (he) is not a couple at all. But if she (he) pays attention to you, as you forget about everything and start to see only her (his) perfection.


9. You are enthusiastically meeting with the chosen one, and everything goes fine until everything suits him. If he expresses dissatisfaction, it seems to you that you are being run over, and you are going to look for more accommodating partners.


10. You have the third meeting with one person.Does it bother you - is it too serious? And you end the relationship, as you begin to feel responsible for your partner. It seems to you that it is impossible to meet with a person for so long without any obligations. It’s safer for you to keep your distance and be ready to break off relationships at any time.


11. You retain the appearance of relationships. They do not give you or your partner anything, but so do you


convenient. You realize that you want something completely different, but for you the similarity of relationships is better than their complete absence. And you remain in this pseudo-pseudo-affinity.


12. You are attracted to people who are inaccessible to you. The reasons may be different: age, place of residence, some social factors. The main thing is that you tend to love only those who are unattainable for you.


13. You get to know a new person and immediately leave all your previous acquaintances. So you go from one partner to another, instead of meeting in parallel with different people. After some time, the number of dates is sharply reduced. Statistics become unsatisfactory


14. Your chosen one has serious character flaws, which indicate that he is the wrong person for you.However, you perceive the incoming signals as a sign of your own troubles. You are trying in every way to please your companion so that he treats you well. For example, a person manifests coldness and alienation, does not respond to your needs. And by your behavior you try to induce sensitivity in him and make him show feelings.