Easter drawings are beautiful to school: a master class with step by step photos

Images on Easter are a great opportunity for children to master the technique of creating a classic still life. Therefore, students can already be offered to make drawings for Easter with their own hands - for school-age children, still life is an integral part of the general educational program.

We will make sure that we have not boring drawings for Easter, beautiful ones. You can bring a basket, Easter eggs and eggs to school to help recreate the desired image. You can do without nature.

 Pictures for Easter are beautiful to school: master class with step-by-step photo Pictures for Easter are beautiful in school: master class with step by step photo

As usual, the creation of a picture begins with the background design. We take a white sheet of thick paper (for watercolor or sketches) and fix it on the easel.You can do without an easel by putting a sheet on the table.

 Sheet of paper

Sheet of paper

The first task to be tackled child - draw a simple pencil basket. We begin to draw it from four ovals located in parallel planes. They differ in size, repeating the contours of the basket. Then the side walls are drawn and that part of the ovals, which we cannot see due to the fact that it is hidden by the rods, is erased. After that, the bars and the pen are drawn.