Dumbadze Nodar Vladimirovich: biography, career, personal life


From the biography of Nodar Dumbadze

Nodar Vladimirovich Dumbadze was born on July 14, 1928 in the capital of Georgia. The events of the 30s of the last century left an imprint on his life and literary work. His parents arrested him, accusing him of being enemies of the people. The son of the former secretary of the district committee was forced to lead a hard life. Parents were rehabilitated only after Stalin's death.

Dumbadze grew up in the western part of Georgia. He was raised by relatives. School graduated from the village. Then he entered the Tbilisi State University, at the Faculty of Economics, which he graduated in 1950.

For several years Nodar worked as a laboratory assistant at the university. And then he became fully involved in literary work, becoming an employee of the magazine “Tsiskari”. He also had the opportunity to work as a deputy editor in the comic magazine Niang.

Since 1973, Dumbadze has been secretary and later chairman of the Union of Writers of Georgia. Since the beginning of his literary career, Nodar Dumbadze has gained popularity. His works have been awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize and the Lenin Prize. From 1971 to 1978, he was a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of his republic, and later was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

The path to literature

The first poems of the Georgian author were born back in 1950 in the student collection “The First Ray”. Six years later, three books of humorous stories were published that attracted the attention of readers.

But the true glory brought Dumbadze novel "I, grandmother, Iliko and Hilarion." The book was published in 1960. Subsequently, a novel was written based on the novel, which was successfully staged in the writer's homeland.

Poems, short stories and novels following them and novels confirmed the fame of one of the country's most talented authors for the writer. The most famous are his books "I see the sun", "Sunny night", "The law of eternity." The works of Dumbadze successfully passed through several editions. He also wrote travel notes and journalistic articles.

The law of eternity Nodar Dumbadze

The novel "The Law of Eternity" was the last book of the author. The main idea of ​​the work is the confrontation between good and evil. Only the one with an artificial heart can calmly observe evil, the hero of the novel believes. As long as a person is alive, he must reach out to another and help his soul become immortal. The author very accurately conveys the events that took place in reality. The action takes place in a specific historical epoch. The heroes of Dumbadze speak the language that is characteristic of Western Georgia where the writer lived. The book claims the right of any person to love and happiness.

Many of Nodar Vladimirovich’s books have been translated into other languages.

Dumbadze was always distinguished by benevolence to others, was responsive to someone else's grief. The writer managed to convey his love for people to his daughters. One of them, Ketavan, chose the path of creativity, becoming a film producer.

He met death in 1984. Buried in Tbilisi.