Is douching good or bad?

The benefits of douching

Most women who douche regularly regularly believe that this procedure cleans the vagina well, but this has not been scientifically proven. Douching is a therapeutic and prophylactic measure, which consists in washing the vagina with special solutions. Assign a similar procedure for chronic pathologies of the cervix and appendages. Local therapy complements the general medical treatment of the underlying disease, enhancing its effectiveness.
Douching, carried out daily for six months before pregnancy, reduces the risk of premature birth.
During scientific experiments, in addition to the beneficial properties of douching, its disadvantages were also revealed.

Douching damage

The damage associated with douching largely outweighs its benefits. The disadvantages of the procedure include vaginal infection. During douching, the vaginal microflora is washed out and a natural bacteria imbalance occurs.This leads to changes in the vaginal environment and makes it favorable for the reproduction of pathogenic microbes. In women who do not abuse douching, bacterial vaginosis occurs much less frequently than in douchers regularly. Bacterial vaginosis is the cause of endometriosis and preterm labor.
Douching changes the natural acid-base balance in the vagina, which leads to disruption of the activity of lactobacilli, and further to their death. This is also a favorable condition for the development of an infectious process.
Douching increases the risk of developing inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs: the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Regular douching makes pregnancy difficult and can lead to the development of its complications. The risk of ectopic pregnancy in women who doused often is 76% higher than in others. Even dabbling once a week can increase the likelihood of developing cervical cancer.
Douching is a controversial procedure widely used for home treatment of female diseases. Despite the fact that many doctors still prescribe douching, and the necessary means are sold in pharmacies, this procedure is absolutely inappropriate.A positive result of the treatment of gynecological diseases is achieved mainly due to other methods. Douching is not an independent medical procedure.