Does swimming help you lose weight?

Swimming is useful in all respects. It allows you to develop all muscle groups, energize and positive. Training has practically no contraindications. But do they help lose weight?

Indeed, many people who regularly visit the pool do not notice weight loss. Why does this happen, and does swimming helplose weight? In fact, the process of losing weight involves the implementation of a whole range of activities, which includes not only exercise, but also the selection of an individual menu, observance of a healthy daily routine, work with a psychologist. But to increase the effect of combustion fatty deposits in the pool is quite realistic, if you follow some rules.

Scientists have calculated that the body begins to use the available reserves of fat to produce energy at about the twentieth-thirtieth minute of the aerobic load. This is a continuous exercise during this period.But swim 20-30 minutes or more without a break is quite difficult. It's all about the power of water resistance, which multiplies the load on all muscle groups. Therefore, we are forced to rest and recuperate between swims.

For general healing of the body and keeping muscles in good shape, this tactic is quite effective, but not for weight loss. However, do not despair, you only need to reconsider the plan of their workouts in the pool. Perhaps you incorrectly perform the technique of a particular style, as a result of fatigue comes earlier, and you want to rest. It is recommended to join the group to an experienced trainer who will tell you how to learn to swim underwater, apply styles correctly and overcome several hundred meters without a break.

A trainer will help develop an individual lesson plan with alternating different techniques. While the strength is enough, it is worthwhile to use more energy-consuming styles — the crawl and, if you possess special skills, the butterfly. When fatigue comes, you should not immediately stop and rest in idleness. It is better to change the position, continuing to swim on the back or uniform bras.The alternation of energy-consuming and quiet techniques will allow you to swim a considerable distance without interruption and start the process of burning fat.

For some time after exercise, the body actively consumes calories, so it is not recommended to eat food for two hours after leaving the pool. So it will be spent exactly fat stores, and not "new arrivals." The effect of weight loss from swimming is not an instant. Sports should be the image of your life, and training - a regular. When muscles increase in volume and stay in shape, they spend energy (processing it from fat) even in a calm state.