Do-it-yourself kanzashi brooch - master classes with photos

A bright and unique Kanzashi brooch for a woman is a great opportunity to express your own individual style. Such an accessory can be fastened to a dress, cardigan, jacket, blouse, shirt or jacket lapel. Some products can stylishly add or even transform a handbag. A luxury hand-made thing will easily turn an old hat into a completely new accessory that will be envied by all friends and familiar ladies. After all, such skillfully executed products made of ribbons allow breathing a second life into the thing, literally transforming it.

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    An unusually exquisitely and tenderly looking Kansas brooch on a dress or hat. This is a very feminine and stylish product. To perform such brooches in kanzashi style will help MK with a photo.

    Materials and tools

    What do we need? For a kanzashi brooch flower, you need:

    • thermo-gun;
    • fishing line;
    • scissors;
    • 3 oblong beads;
    • lighter;
    • 3 transparent beads;
    • a thread;
    • 180 cm satin peach ribbons (4 cm wide);
    • tulle (length of 27 cm and a width of 11 cm);
    • 6 round beads (diameter 4 mm);
    • fabric "mesh" (length 27 cm and width 11 cm);
    • satin ribbon 29.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide;
    • needle;
    • clasp;
    • 12 beads with a diameter of 1 mm;
    • 12 beads with a diameter of 2 mm.

    Step-by-step master class

    Making a kanzashi brooch for a master-class woman with a photo will bring you only pleasure.

  1. Creating kanzashi brooches should start with the preparation of all necessary.
  2. Take a peach-colored ribbon. Cut out 28 squares of it with a side of 4 cm. Prepare 1 copy. Bend it in half. Here is a triangle.
  3. Bend its edges to the very top. Cut out the sharp part.
  4. Lighter to sing a cut. Press these edges together and glue them.
  5. Take 1 item. Wrap edges in the internal cavity.
  6. Further, the manufacture of a Kansasi brooch from satin ribbons along the MK assumes the folding of the fragment. There will be a straw. It must be secured with glue.
  7. Bottom on the next petal drip hot glue. Wrap it up on the previous item.
  8. The other petal is fixed opposite the second element (that is, opposite).
  9. Place the remaining pieces in a staggered manner.
  10. The result will be a voluminous bud made of satin ribbons of Kanzash.
  11. Now you need to simulate small buds. For them, 18 squares are formed. They need to be made from peach-colored ribbons. The width of the element is 4 cm. As in the first case, the fragment is wrapped.
  12. Cut 2 pieces of 6 cm from the green ribbon. Treat the edges with fire. Wrap them the edges of peach blanks. Secure with glue.
  13. Carrying out the kanzashi brooch further with your own hands, carefully fasten the green edges of the buds to the large flower.
  14. Make the leaves. To do this, you need 7 squares. Their side is 2.5 cm. Each element is folded in half in a triangle.
  15. Add another one.
  16. Connect the edges. Cut the bottom part. In this case, you need to get an angle of 45 degrees. Remove sharp edges. Framed with fire. Push down a bit so they lock.
  17. Glue the leaves in a circle. Add a small drop of hot glue to the base. Add the bottom layer of leaves. But make sure they look about halfway through.
  18. Create an air base for a kanzashi brooch. Fatin placed inside the "mesh". Beige thread to pass the edge on the wrong side of both segments.
  19. Turn it to face. Tighten the cavity from the inside with a stitching seam.
  20. Cut an element of 7x12 cm from a piece of sateen.Cut it in half. Collect in the "harmonica". Secure with thread. The remaining edge will be in the form of a fan.
  21. Cut 18 cm from fishing line. To fasten a bead on it. Fold the workpiece in the center. Thread another bead at once on the 2 edges of the base. Following this principle, send 3 beads with a diameter of 2 mm to the line. Then - 3 more, but with a diameter of 1 mm. Make 3 similar items. All together in a single composition. On the back of a little drop of hot glue. Fasten the fishing line with beads and tulle edge. All positioned evenly. On the element of the "grid" to fix flowers. Arbitrarily fix the remaining beads. Do not forget to fix and fastening for a Kansasi brooch made by yourself.


Brooch "Rose" kanzashi

The brooch in the form of a rose looks very gentle and stylish. It can also be done by hand using kanzashi ribbons.

Materials and tools

The proposed master class for making an accessory involves the use of the following set:

  • glue gun;
  • white felt;
  • a thread;
  • needle;
  • pink satin ribbon 1.2 m wide 2.5 cm;
  • gray tape 2.5 cm wide;
  • mount for brooches;
  • a small piece of thin gray tape.

Step-by-step master class

Relying on MK from a photo, it is not just a rose to make from satin ribbons, but a real brooch is easy enough.

  1. Prepare 17 strips of pink ribbon. The length of each - 6.5 cm. Cuts go with a cigarette lighter or thermo-cutter
  2. Make petals.
  3. Pull them down a bit.
  4. Wrap one petal in the form of a straw. This is the center.
  5. Sew 2 petals around it. All the rest fix with hot glue.
  6. Take the gray ribbon. Cut strips of 6 cm in length from it. Twist the petals out of them.
  7. Cut from felt circle. On it, fix the mount.
  8. To form a decor from a flower and buds. Glue or sew it on a felt base.

That's all!