Colorful paper cover with your own hands

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The school year is just around the corner, and it's time to preparetutorials, notebooks, stationery, and most importantly - mentally prepare your child. This master class will take you and your child, and the result will be textbooks of incredible beauty.

It can be used as origami, and holiday cards!

For this project we will use:

- Colored paper

- Paper bag or similar paper

- Glue Sticker

- PVA Adhesive

- Scissors

To begin with, we will make the cover of a paper bag as we can and we have done before, this is not so important. Done? Ok, now we move on to the most interesting step. We need todownload the patternwe prepared in advance andprint out.Now we take colored paper and make blanks from them, as shown in the photos below, after which we gently impose apattern(moving to the center and up) and glue to each other. This is the most difficult step and will have to work hard on it, but the result will pleasantly surprise you! And then everything is very simple - cut outheartin the cover and glue, on the reverse side, our colored square.