Do I need a scooter?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
August 18, 2014
Do I need a scooter?

Scooter is a vehicle that is consistently in demand among the population in any city. This article provides a brief analysis of the positive and negative qualities of this type of transport, and also considers the question of whether a scooter is needed as such and whether it can justify the investments made in it.


  1. As a rule, a relatively low cost compared to other types of motor transport - the cost is taken into account not only of the acquisition of the vehicle itself, but also the cost of maintenance, additional accessories, spare parts and other technical issues.
  2. Low fuel consumption - the scooter is one of the most economical modes of transport among the currently available.
  3. Relatively low top speed. The factor is important under the condition that vehicles are purchased for children of senior school age or students, since these groups of motorcyclists often exceed the speed.
  4. Relatively high traffic in traffic jams. Owners of scooters rarely stand in traffic jams.
  5. Compactness - a scooter can stand in an apartment without causing unnecessary inconvenience to the owner. Some models do not exceed the length of ordinary bicycles.
  6. Scooters are the best option for delivering food or small loads and, thus, are ideal for the profession of courier.


  1. Small carrying capacity and limited capacity. More than two people on a standard scooter can not ride, transportation of goods is limited.
  2. Excessive vulnerability to weather conditions, including reduced handling on wet roads.
  3. Unreliability and high frequency of breakdowns. Despite the low cost of repair, transport is subject to various types of frequent breakdowns.
  4. On a scooter is not recommended to move on the road and wet road surface.
  5. It is relatively difficult to sell a used scooter at a bargain price. At the same time, scooters are hijacked as often as motorcycles.

Thus, answering the question why a scooter is needed, it can be concluded that when choosing such a vehicle it is necessary to proceed from the existence of a stable budget, since the scooter will require some maintenance costs.And at the same time, you need to consider whether there is a need to move quickly over short distances often enough.