Diet and pregnancy

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 18, 2011
Diet and pregnancy

Diet and pregnancy - things are quite compatible, if you do not starve, do not harm yourself and the child. During pregnancy, in women the weight increases in completely different ways. The norm is an increase in body weight by no more than 10 to 12 kg. Where do these numbers come from? Calculate:

  • At the beginning of pregnancy, to protect the baby, the body makes fat reserves on the abdomen (1 - 1.5 kg).
  • Amniotic fluid will weigh no more than 1 kg.
  • The placenta has a weight of approximately 0.5–0.7 kg.
  • During pregnancy, the volume of blood, breast, uterus (2 kg) increases.

Previously, it was believed that a pregnant woman should be eaten for two, as well as everything in the quantity in which she wishes. But research and depressing facts have shown that overweight gained during pregnancy threatens with diabetes, hypertension and even the birth of an overweight baby. But all this does not mean that a pregnant woman does not increase weight at all. Up to 10 - 12 kg to gain weight - this is normal! It is necessary to treat the diet during pregnancy, as a way not to gain too much weight, which can harm the health of the woman and the child.

Most often, the basis of diets is a reduction in the number of calories consumed, and hence nutrients. And the lack of any nutrients in a child can badly affect his health. Therefore, the diet of a pregnant woman should be extremely reasonable. After all, by rejecting a large consumption of flour, sweet and fat, you do not harm the baby. It turns out that diet and pregnancy can exist together.

Pregnancy Diet Tips

  1. During pregnancy, a woman should forget about alcohol. Even a small amount of alcohol can have negative and irreversible consequences. This is the strictest recommendation in a pregnant diet.
  2. During pregnancy it is better to exclude spicy, fried, too salty and smoked food. You should not eat all kinds of canned food, drink too strong tea, coffee. As well as products with dyes and preservatives are not desirable for use.
  3. The diet of a pregnant woman should include foods rich in protein. Choose for yourself dairy products, eggs, poultry. From meat you can eat lean pork or beef 1-2 times a week.
  4. In the summer and autumn, fresh fruits and vegetables will be very useful.Choose them based on the region from which they came to us. Our fruits and vegetables will be safer, since they will not cause an allergy in a child as overseas. In winter, beautiful huge tomatoes or apples on store shelves will not have as much benefit as summer ones.
  5. Sweet tooth, too, will appreciate the diet during pregnancy. Dried fruits, homemade jam and muesli will be very useful. As for honey, chocolate and butter creams, they are not the best option for a pregnant diet. Their use in large quantities is not conducive to proper digestion and can lead to a set of extra pounds.